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How Long Should There Be Swelling After a Breast Lift with Implants?

My surgery was April 25th, I'm 5 days post op and I'm still swollen and my breast don't look like "breast" how long before the... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wear a Sports Bra After a Breast Lift (No Augmentation)?

Does the bra need to be worn 24-7 or could I just sleep in the sports bra? Also, why is the sports bra necessary as opposed to wearing a regular bra? READ MORE

Nipple Surviving After Necrosis, How Long Does It Take For The Nipple To Return To Its Normal Color?

Hi, after a breast lift my nipple turned black on the outer part of it. Eventually the black scab came off leaving my nipple pink. I have some color... READ MORE

How Long After my Breast Lift Can I Shower?

The literature my doc gave me says i cant get my breasts wet for 6 weeks. I can't imagine not showering for that length of time. Are there options? READ MORE

How Long Until I Look Good and am Fully Recovered After Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?

I am 32 and in good health and am very fit. If I have a tummy tuck and breast lift, in general how long will it take not just until I'm recovered... READ MORE

How Soon After Anchor Lift Surgery Are You in the Clear From Necrosis?

I am wondering how quickly necrosis generally shows up after an anchor breast lift? When can I feel safe? Also, I had nipple sensation right out of... READ MORE

How Long to Wait Between Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Lift?

I want to get a brazilian butt lift and a breast lift w/ augmentation. I want to perform both surgeries together but I know that will be painful. How... READ MORE

Breast Lift + Augmentation 2.5 Weeks Ago, Healing Problems?

The left breast has a brown scab looking spot right below the areola. Dr. said that it was from stretching of the skin. She has had me keep it moist... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Augmentation Recovery for Serious Contact Sport Athlete? When Can I Start Training Fully Again?

I am a 32 year old competitive athlete. I am in excellent shape (15% body fat). I train jiu jitsu (picute MMA without punching - like wrestling with... READ MORE

Breast Lift After Lumpectomy and Radiation?

Can a breast lift be done after a lumpectomy and radiation? READ MORE

Safe to Fly 6 Days After Breast Lift?

I am going to have a BL soon and I would like to travel to visit family a few days after (5 or 6 days). The flight is 2 hours. Are there any... READ MORE

Should I Wait Until After Pregnancy to Get a Breast Lift?

Okay so i want to be a model but i also want to have a baby someday so should i wait til after pregnancy to get a breast lift ? i definitely want to... READ MORE

Smoking Before Breast Lift?

I am scheduled for a breast lift on May 21. When I went to the doctor in March he told me I needed to be cigarette-free for 4 weeks before surgery.... READ MORE

Will I Bottom Out if I Don't Have a Breast Reduction?

DD cup bordering DDD. I am considering a breast lift and went to my first consultation today. The surgeon recommended I have a reduction, but... READ MORE

Treat Stretch Marks on my Breasts Before Breast Lifting and Reduction or After?

Knowing thah they are on the upper part of my boobs and will be shown whatsoever skin cutting will happen READ MORE

What is the Recovery Time with Breast Lift Only?

The MD did not give me a lift with aug orginially because of the size of implants i chose. i got 700 cc silicone unders. after 2 months recovery, he... READ MORE

How Soon After a Tummy Tuck Can a Breast Lift Be Done?

My sister is having a tummy tuck and lipo to the waist and abdomen. 1 week after that she will then have a breast lift and lipo to the back. Is this... READ MORE

When Can I Play Tennis After a Breast Lift Surgery?

Hello, I had my breast left done 6 weeks a go and recovery is been great. I usually play strong, comparative tennis 2 to 3 times a week and I am dying... READ MORE

After Mastopexy One of my Nipples is VERY Low.

After Mastopexy  One of my Nipples is VERY Low.  My PS said he would fix it..but i have to wait 3 or 4 months. How does this work and will... READ MORE

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