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Laser Scar Removal After Breast Lift?

I am considering laser to remove my breast lift scars. How long after surgery should I wait? READ MORE

How Long After A Breast Lift Can I Go Bigger With Implants? (photo)

How long do I need to wait until I can get a bigger size if I had a lift? I Had 360cc and Really Want to Be a D READ MORE

Mastopexy Scaring revised (again)? How long should I wait to have another revision?(photos)

Hello! I'm looking to see if I should have some scaring revised for the second time? My surgery was done in May 2011 ~ I had scar tissue removed in... READ MORE

My Breast Lift Was 2 Years Ago. When Can I Do a Revision?

I'm not happy with my breast lift that was 2 years ago. When can I have a new surgery? READ MORE

How long should I wait between breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries?

I suffer from very asymmetric breasts ( one is a small C, the other a large D) Although two doctors have told me they could lift my larger breast and... READ MORE

When can I have sex after an anchor breast lift?

Of course I will be Skin my doctor at my preop but I was just wondering approximately how long after a full anchor breast lift do I have to wait to... READ MORE

How far in advance should I get a consultation for procedures?

I want to see about having a breast lift and removal of fatty tissue from under arms at the end of the year. Is it too soon to have a consultation now? READ MORE

How long do I wait before I get another procedure? (photos)


Mastopexy only vs. Mastopexy/Augmentation? (Photo)

I need of a breast lift, but I really did not want an augmentation. I am now wondering if the lift would "last longer" if I did have a small aug. I... READ MORE

How long does it take for Steri-Strips to come off on their own?

It will be six weeks on Tuesday since my BL and I am letting nature take it's course. Some of the strips have fallen off and I replace them but the... READ MORE

Scar tissue after a breast lift. Is there anything I can do to help thin the scar tissue?

I had a breast lift in October and was told I need to wait three months before the augmentation. When I went back in January I was told the scar... READ MORE

How long after a lift can I get implants?

I had my lift in August and went from a E to DD.my surgeon said that my breast are big enough and he doesn't know if an implant would fit with all of... READ MORE

Can I get more than one periareolar mastopexy a year apart to treat grade 2 ptosis to avoid anchor scarring?

I'm looking to get a breast lift but want to avoid the scars usually associated with it. Is it possible to get more than 1 periareolar lift, a year... READ MORE

How soon after a tummy tuck can I get a breast lift?

I'll be using two different surgeons. One for my breast lift and another for my tummy tuck. I've scheduled my tummy tuck for 7/19/2017. How soon... READ MORE

I'm really worried on the results, scars and how much time it will take to recover after the breast lift surgery? (Photos)

I dont want any implants but will the breast likft give them a fuller look because my breast is already a cup DD READ MORE

When can I get tattooed after breast lift? (photos)

I just had a breast lift a few days ago. Everything is going great. I was wondering when I would be able to get a tattoo like one in the pictures... READ MORE

How long after a breast lift procedure do I need to wait to get implants?

Hi, after my last question I decided to go for a breast lift procedure. Spacing out the lift and augmentation procedure is the more realistically... READ MORE

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