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6 weeks post op of Breast Lift, are dissolvable stitches supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving?

Are dissolvable stitches used In a breast lift 6 weeks post op supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving? I have also had many... READ MORE

Different Breast Size, Shape, Direction, Scar and Healing, Will They Get Even? (photo)

3 months po breast lift w/out implant still swollen and tender to the touch. However, my biggest concern is that at 3 mo. po my breasts look totally... READ MORE

Breast Lift Operation 17 Months Ago: Scarring, Tender, Pain

While I am very happy with the shape and size of my breasts, they are still very tender to touch and the pain is coming both from within (glands) and... READ MORE

3.5 months post op Breast lift, I have new wound opening. Is this normal? (photos)

BL was 3+ mos ago. Left breast had 5 spots around areola open up well after 1 month. I packed with Idoform and they slowly closed (still scabbed). Now... READ MORE

2 weeks post op! Left breast more swollen and larger, slight bruised, Will it stay this way? (photos)

It has been two weeks since I had a breast lift, no implants. From day one my left side was more swollen and hurt a lot more. My left side is still... READ MORE

Slight Tenderness in Left Breast?

I have what doctors seem to think without an MRI, a torn rotatory cuff on my left side. I have painful restrictions in movement and it often pops and... READ MORE

10 days post op Breast lift, is it normal one breast looks bigger than the other? (photos)

Had a breast uplift/implant removal 10 days ago. My left breast appears to be bigger than my right one. Could this still be swelling? I don't really... READ MORE

9 weeks out from breast reduction/lift and still tender and sore. Is this normal? Is this this size I am going to be ?

I am almost 9 weeks post -op from a breast reduction and lift. I am still very tender and sore. I feel like I am still a little swollen. I had a... READ MORE

3 weeks 3 days post anchor breast lift. I have an appointment Monday. Should I call after hours again? (Photo)

Called my surgeon after hours Friday (it's sat) & he said it sounded fine it was due to that area having poor blood circulation and this happens... READ MORE

Do I need breast implants now? What is happening? (Photo)

I had a breast lifer several months ago. I developed Seroma fluid infections on both breast. They have closed. Just a couple weeks my right breast,... READ MORE

Do I need to be concerned about my right breast scar? (Photo)

I took the strips off on Fri and cleaned the incisions w/soap & water then re-taped them with paper tape. Yesterday evening the right one was itching... READ MORE

Naturally high nipple placement, should I consider a lift with explantation? (Photos)

47 yrs old and plan to explant my 11 year old Mentor saline implants, 350cc, periareolar incision, under the muscle. Prior to BA I was 34B, now 34D.... READ MORE

What is the best treatment option for an incorrectly placed breast lift incision and hypertrophic scars? (Photo)

I am 9 months post op from a anchor breast lift, my left breast incision was incorrectly placed above my breast crease fold and my PS said to wait one... READ MORE

When do dissolvable stitches disappear? 1 month post-op. (photo)

I had the "donut" lift 5 weeks ago, and can still feel the stitches below the skin, they are not painful, just tender. Wondering how long they take to... READ MORE

I get a breast lift about 17 days ago...is this a side effect? I get electric sensations, nipple tenderness/sensitivity.

I am get paranoid sometimes,so far I feel electrics sensation, kinda needling and nipple tenderness and sensitive on my nipple , Is this the side... READ MORE

More pain 6 months after Breast Lift/Reduction? Advice?

6 months ago, I had a breast lift with a reduction on the left side. I developed a hard lump on the lower left part of my breast right away and my... READ MORE

Follow-Up: Rib pain and tenderness 6 months post op after reduction/lift?

I had a reduction on the left breast and only a regular mastopexy on the right. My ribs under my left breast have always seemingly been tender... READ MORE

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