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Uneven Areolas After Breast Lift? (photo)

Hi I just had a breast lift (periareola and lollipop) a month ago. I feel like my areolas are a bit uneven, one being more round, & the other more... READ MORE

Different Breast Size, Shape, Direction, Scar and Healing, Will They Get Even? (photo)

3 months po breast lift w/out implant still swollen and tender to the touch. However, my biggest concern is that at 3 mo. po my breasts look totally... READ MORE

DIscoloration, swelling, pain and firmness - Do I Have Fat Necrosis? (Photo)

Hi, im 27,non smoker. Had breast aug/lift with 700cc silicone unders on june 7th in another state, Had discoloration from the start and told multiple... READ MORE

Hematoma After a Breast Lift, Will the Breast Become Normal Again?

I had a breast lift without implant and after 10 days a had a large hematoma but the surgeon decided not to remove the blood until on day 16 of the... READ MORE

Infection 14 Days After Vertical Breast Lift and Implants?

Last night (Monday) I noticed that my incisions were dark pink almost red. My breasts were a little more swollen than normal. Note: I just finished my... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op and Still Left Upper Pole Very Firm, Could This Be a Hematoma? (photo)

When I woke up from breast lift & augmentation my left side was swollen and painful could not even move my arm. The pain has since decreased... READ MORE

Swollen Breast - Possible Hematoma 11 Days After BL? (photo)

Yesterday my left breast suddenly got swollen and became bigger in size in the space of 5minutes i thought the stitches would give way. The breast has... READ MORE

Why are my breast sagging after 2 months of mastopexy? (Photo)

I had breast lift breast implants 2 months ago. My surgeon and I had agreed on the anchor lift but 2 weeks after surgery he told me he did verticals... READ MORE

2 weeks post op! Left breast more swollen and larger, slight bruised, Will it stay this way? (photos)

It has been two weeks since I had a breast lift, no implants. From day one my left side was more swollen and hurt a lot more. My left side is still... READ MORE

I am two weeks post op a PAM and the bottom of my incision seems swollen and lifted? (Photo)

It also looks red around the bottom almost like a rash. It doesn't itch or hurt in any ways and it's not bleeding. Can there be something wrong ? READ MORE

2 weeks after breast lift, right breast still swollen - is this normal? (Photo)

Right breast considerable larger than right...is it too early to start making assumptions READ MORE

Breasts are very hot and swollen with some blood and yellow fluid leaking out. Is this normal?

5 days post op. Tape has started falling off vertical incision. No temperature. Some redness. READ MORE

Mastopexy 2 weeks post: should I be concerned with difference in breast size and swollen puffy nipple on the left side? (Photo)

I had Mastopexy on November 3. The left side is noticeably different in size and the nipple looks herniated. Is the nipple puffiness due to normal... READ MORE

Question about sex after breast lift. How long will the pain last?

I have lost almost 300lbs.. I am now 40. I had a breast lift and arm lift and an upper bra line lift on May 7th. I am still so sore, so swollen..I... READ MORE

9 weeks out from breast reduction/lift and still tender and sore. Is this normal? Is this this size I am going to be ?

I am almost 9 weeks post -op from a breast reduction and lift. I am still very tender and sore. I feel like I am still a little swollen. I had a... READ MORE

Leakage after breast lift with no implants!!! How does it look? (photos)

From day one of my surgery my left breast was more swollen. PS said its very normal I am about 4 weeks post op. As I was bathing on Sunday morning I... READ MORE

Swollen breast 2 months after breast lift - torn muscle?

I had breast augmentation and lift on my left breast two months ago. 3 days ago. Few days ago I lifted my daughter and half an hour later the pain on... READ MORE

Is food related to swollen breasts?

I just had a breast lifting surgery 2 weeks ago, my 2 breasts are numb and itching, i have swollen nipples, my dr said i should reduce salt... READ MORE

I had breast implants removed and breast uplift surgery. My left breast is still extremely swollen. Any suggestions?

I had breast implants removed and breast uplift surgery 3 weeks ago. My left breast is extremely swollen and I would like to know if this is normal.... READ MORE

Is it ok to drink a detox tea (Iaso Tea)?

I am 2 weeks post op. I underwent surgery for breast lift, lipo and fat gtafting. I am extremely swollen. The average individual loses water weight... READ MORE

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