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What is to Be Expected from Sutures/stitches After Breast Lift with Augmentation??

Seems like orange-colored sutures came off my aerola. No redness, no infection in sight, but just a tiny little hole. Is this normal? What is to be... READ MORE

8 Days Post Mastopexy: Nipples Seem Smaller Than Desired. Will my Nipples Expand over Time or Should Suture Be Removed? (photo)

I had a mastopexy 8 days ago. My surgeon stated the nipple size he was going to reduce mine to and I asked for a bigger size. I am concerned he forgot... READ MORE

Tubular Breast with Mastoplexy: is a Permanent Purse String Suture Needed?

I have asymmetrical tubular breast and have been told that I need a concentric mastoplexy and augmentation. I have been told by some doctors that they... READ MORE

Is a Benelli Lift Without Permanent Suture Possible? (photo)

The more i read about the benelli lift, the more confused i get. talking about the permanent suture which seems to have a lot of negative aspects. is... READ MORE

Small Suture Opening Under Breast. Shoud I Be Worried? (photos)

I had my breast lift 3 weeks ago, my doctor used stitches and I had them removed on week 2 and replaced with Demabond glue.. But after a few days I... READ MORE

What Does It Feel Like to Tear Sutures (Breast Lift, No Implants)?

I'm 8 days post-op and feeling pretty good. Everything seems to be healing well and I'm just feeling a little sore from time to time. I just... READ MORE

Periareolar Lift- Permanent Suture Undone?

I am positive my left permanent purse string suture is Not connected. A couple months after surgery I saw a stitch and thought it was one that was... READ MORE

I Am a Full C with Level 3 Sagging. Can an Anchor Breast Lift Restore Breast Fullness? (photo)

I have consulted with 3 Plastic Surgeons and have been told by 2 of the MDs that they can restore fullness with internal sutures. Is this true? I... READ MORE

Quill Sutures Used for Breast Lift. Sutures Not Dissolving Causing Way to Much Puckering Lower Pole?

I'm 12 weeks post up breast lift and my sutures still too tight pulling breast upward when I lift my arm.. Causing lots of puckering and wrinkeling... READ MORE

If the suture breaks from a benelli/donut lift and the areaola spread, can the problem be corrected?

If the suture breaks from a benelli/donut lift and the areaola spread, can the problem be corrected? If a person is getting a large implant 600cc... READ MORE

Ever heard of a breast lift done by putting sutures under the breast under the skin to form scar tissue? (photos)

I have implants and no lower pole skin or nothing. Had the breast lift just to try and prevent sagging in the future that's the only reason. My breast... READ MORE

should i have permanent sutures used for my crescent lift to help prevent stretching/distortion? (photo)

I am "borderline" in needing a lift. my surgeon and i discussed a benneli and crescent. in the end, we decided on crescent lift, just to bring my... READ MORE

Having trouble with incision area after mastopexy revision. Do you think I am taking the right steps and treatment? (Photo)

Had an office mastopexy revision done eight days ago. The next day incision area was very red and itchy went to doctor and he stated it was a reaction... READ MORE

Deep scar indentations after a lollipop reduction. How long does it take for all internal sutures to dissolve? (Photo)

Aesthetically my breasts look O.K. However underneath my breasts,the indentations are deep and painful.i can feel the odd suture. I'am massaging twice... READ MORE

Almost 6 weeks - I took off the Steri-Strip in the shower. (photo)

On Tuesday will be six weeks, I think they're looking pretty good except for a suture coming out around the nipple and the little hole READ MORE

At what point in time does the areola stop spreading? (Photo)

I received a benelli mastoplexy with no implants 19 days ago. I have a permanent suture in place, and I am happy, but I can see my left areola has... READ MORE

Why are my breast lift scars spreading?

I am 10 mos post op. Benelli lift with implants. I have perm sutures. My doc told me this would prevent spread. However I am 10 mos post op and my... READ MORE

What is an Internal Mastopexy? (Photo)

How exactly is an internal mastopexy done? And are any foreign objects kept inside the breast to do this? Apart from dissolvable sutures etc? What are... READ MORE

Wound separation after Breast lift? (Photo)

I had a breast lift done 2 weeks ago followed by hematoma evacuation surgery. I noticed incision separation which became larger after removing the... READ MORE

Should I Be Deterred if a Doctor Says He Doesn't Do Any Internal Suturing of Tissue During a Breast Lift?

After years of searching I finally felt as if I had found the perfect surgeon for my breast lift. During my consultation I asked if he used any... READ MORE

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