Surgery Scar + Breast Lift

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Scarless Breast Lift

What kind of incisions or techniques leave the least amount of scarring? READ MORE

Avoiding Vertical Breast Lift Scar?

I had a consultation today for a breast lift with implant. I really do not want that long verticle scar that accompanies most breast lifts. The... READ MORE

Can I Get a Breast Lift Without Huge Scars?

All of the I have seen on this site show that the women have huge, long scars afterward.  I want a breast lift but I don't want huge scars! Is... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for scars after a Breast Lift?

I know doctors probably recommend different products and prescribe different creams. In your opinion, what is the best thing one can use and do? I'm... READ MORE

Brown Spots Beside Breast Lift Scars

I had Breast Lift surgery done about 3 months ago. The scars are doing good and I can hardly see them, but I developed some brown spots on the side of... READ MORE

Risk of Getting Keloid Scars from Breast Lift?

I am interested in breast lift surgery. I'm wondering, will I have a high chance of having keloid scars on my breasts, seeing that both my C-sections... READ MORE

Is a Specialist for Ethnic Skin Required for Breast Lift?

Hi Surgeons! I am considering having a Breast Lift and was wondering if I need a surgeon who specializes in mixed race skin? I have always been told... READ MORE

​Is it normal for a incision on a Breast Lift scar revision to open up after only 5 days? Could it be infected? (photo)

5 days ago I had the scar at the top of both nipples revised do to stitches spitting. Today I noticed puss spots under the steri strips. As I took the... READ MORE

Would a Breast Lift Repair Asymmetry After Surgical Scar?

At the age of 15 I had a birthmark removed from my right breast because it looked suspicious. Well I had to undergo 2 operations to remove completely.... READ MORE

Is my scar under my left breast too high? (photo)

I find that the scar on right breast is too high under breast .It is an 1inch and 1/2 from rib cage.Even if my breast falls I dont believe the scar... READ MORE

Sure a new surgery won't make my scars worse?

That is the fear of my PS and the dermatologist. As for hidroquinone, can i use it on sking that will be cut again? Also, would you cut the vertival... READ MORE

Excising a poor breast lift scar? (photo)

I need a breast lift revision. I started tuberous and got implants and Benelli lift. Unfortunately my scars and aerola spread despite the permanent... READ MORE

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