Stretch Marks + Breast Lift

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Less Invasive Alternative to Breast Lift?

I have stretch marks, some freckles/brown, spots/wrinkles after having my son, and would like to do something less invasive than Breast Lift. READ MORE

Will Stretch Marks Change the Outcome of a Breast Lift?

My breasts grew very rapidly aroun the age of 12. Since then I have had stretch marks around my entire breast. I am interested in getting a breast... READ MORE

Will a Lift Without Implants Solve my Droopiness and Stretch Marks? (photo)

After 3 kids and losing 60 lbs, I am very unhappy with how loose and droopy my breasts are. I am happy with the size, so would like to avoid implants.... READ MORE

Candidate for Donut or Crescent Lift? (photo)

Hello, I am 29 years old, 5'2" and 32D from Canada, seeking a breast lift, NO augmentation. Photos attached. Distance from neck to nipple is 22cm ish.... READ MORE

What Degree of Ptosis Am I? Minor, Moderate or Severe? What Technique Is Best For Me? (photo)

I decided to get a breast lift. Although, I have not been seen by a plastic surgeon as of yet. I will be making an appointment as soon as possible.... READ MORE

Wide, Indented Stretch Marks Above Breast After Losing Weight?

I am 26, since losing 30 pounds the stretch marks above my breast have become more noticable. What bothers me the most is that they make my breasts... READ MORE

I'm 22 and Considering a Mastopexy After Severe Weight Changes Throughout my Life, Can I Do It w/o Implants? (photo)

I'm 5'2 and am currently at a 38DD. I'm about 150lbs currently but at my heaviest was around 220lbs. I realize I'm still very young... READ MORE

Treat Stretch Marks on my Breasts Before Breast Lifting and Reduction or After?

Knowing thah they are on the upper part of my boobs and will be shown whatsoever skin cutting will happen READ MORE

What can I do to raise my nipples? (photo)

M 20, Ive had very large breasts from 13 which resulted in stretch marks. I have confidence issues & cannot exercise, as I suffer with m.e. (resulting... READ MORE

I am 20 years old and I have saggy breasts (34DD). Breast lift? (Photo)

I have never been happy with my breasts. They have never sat upright. Even when I wear a bra, I always feel the need to reposition them so they don't... READ MORE

Stretch Marks After Areola Reduction, Will They Go Away?

Please help i have white stretch marks starting at my areola and expanding outward. They appeared 2 days post op. I didn't experience much swelling.... READ MORE

Will a breast lift get rid of stretch marks on a 21 year old? (photos)

I'm 21 years old and I've gone down two cup sizes since high school. Unfortunately this has left me with white stretch marks and sagging. I'm very... READ MORE

Breast Lift Alone, Implants Alone or Breast Lift + Implants? (photo)

Hi! Can't figure this out, I'm 25, 5.15 ft 150lb, weighted up to 165 but my breasts have looked so since I was a teen, with lots of strech marks and... READ MORE

What Procedures Can You Recommend to Improve the Look of my Breasts?

I have been considering breast surgery since developing them as a teenager. They have never been very perky but since after birth of my son and awful... READ MORE

Can a Breast Lift Alone Improve Appearance of Stretch Marks? (photo)

I'm 28 years old, never pregnant, however my breasts change size all the time! Before my period starts I'm a full c but when I'm in good shape and not... READ MORE

What is the solution to sagging breasts?

My sagging is in grade 3. I alos have stretch marks. I am 18 and have sagged breast.i am sad with it and I feel it's too big.what can I do,surgery is... READ MORE

Should I get a breast lift or reduction? (Photo)

I've had stretch marks on the sides of my breast for I'd say about fifteen years. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome at age fourteen... READ MORE

What is the most affordable way to lift breasts? Are there any alternatives to surgery?

I am a 31 year old mother to 3. At 5'2" I was almost 200lbs last year, so through eating right and exercise I got down to 140lbs (still a few to go).... READ MORE

I am PO 5 weeks. Have some concern about my breast lift with implants. (photo)

I am PO 5 weeks. I have concerns about my breast lift with implants. I started infection this week in right breast. I clean with Bactine 2-3 times a... READ MORE

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