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Is It Normal to Have Open Sores, Uniformed Breast, and Different Shaped Nipples After a Breast Lift? (photo)

I had a mommy make over 6 months ago. I paid for a lift which he ended up NOT doing. I wanted a D cup and ended up with DDD. He agreed to go back and... READ MORE

Rash/sores from Very Saggy Breasts? Possible for Insurance to Cover Lift? (No Reduction)

My breasts are small and extemely saggy.(After breastfeeding 3 children) They are literally only hanging skin. When I wear a bra they kind of just... READ MORE

After I taken off my bra, they leave dents on my shoulders & soreness. Do I need a Breast Reduction or a Breast Lift? (photo)

My breast been bothering me since a teenager. They leave dents in my shoulders and be sore sometimes when I take off my bra. READ MORE

Sores under breast. Do these look like normal spitting stitches or something more serious? (photos)

What does this mean for my breasts? I'm so upset my healing process was going great until about a week ago. I started to develop these painful... READ MORE

Uneven Nipples?

5 weeks ago had anchor lift with nipple reduction with 220cc implant replacement (removed PIP implants) they looked fine until I started applying Vit... READ MORE

Soreness Under Breast After Mastopexy & Lift?

I had a mastopexy with implants on April 2. Three days ago I noticed what felt like a bruise under my right breast but there was no bruise just sore... READ MORE

9 weeks out from breast reduction/lift and still tender and sore. Is this normal? Is this this size I am going to be ?

I am almost 9 weeks post -op from a breast reduction and lift. I am still very tender and sore. I feel like I am still a little swollen. I had a... READ MORE

Day of Surgery, Sore Upper Pec and Armpit on Right Side?

So I'm about 6 hours post op for lollipop mastopexy breast lift. I feel good no intense pain. Haven't even touched pain meds yet. BUT, I am... READ MORE

Leakage after breast lift with no implants!!! How does it look? (photos)

From day one of my surgery my left breast was more swollen. PS said its very normal I am about 4 weeks post op. As I was bathing on Sunday morning I... READ MORE

I had a breast lift 2 months ago. It doesn't heal properly & underneath there's this big sores with pass. Any suggestion?(photo)

How can I heal the sores and holes? My GP prescribed 3 courses of antibiotics which didn't changed a thing. The plastic surgeon says that it will be... READ MORE

Does this look like I need antibiotics? (photos)

I just had a breast lift 3 weeks ago. It is the weekend so I can't reach my doctor. I am worried i have an infection. My breasts are sore but have not... READ MORE

Wound separation after breast anchor scar lift. (photos)

Hi. I had an anchor scar Breast lift and buttock implants 3.5 weeks ago. The results have beengreat but on Friday I noticed that the left breast scar... READ MORE

Question about sex after breast lift. How long will the pain last?

I have lost almost 300lbs.. I am now 40. I had a breast lift and arm lift and an upper bra line lift on May 7th. I am still so sore, so swollen..I... READ MORE

10 weeks post op Breast lift, can I continue to run?

I'm about 10 weeks post op and I feel great but I went for a run yesterday at my normal pace pre op and I'm feeling soreness and pain in my breasts,... READ MORE

I have developed an open sore under my left breast that continues to open at the scar line? (Photo)

Breast Lift 3.5 weeks ago. I went to my PS who I trust and is a board certified PS. He said it would heal & to apply dry gauze daily. So I am... READ MORE

Sore, fatty looking area at the incision, should I keep it dry? (Photo)

I am almost 5 weeks out from a breast lift and most everything has healed really well already. Within the last couple of days, the last place seeming... READ MORE

Breast lift; Should I have be getting large white sores that are getting bigger with yellowish drainage at 4 1/2 weeks?

At around 3 1/2 to 4 weeks I started getting whitish sores at the upside-down t-intersections of my breasts and having a yellowish drainage. I now... READ MORE

Should I switch from the underwire bra I was fitted for by Dr referral to no wire bra, 3 weeks after a breast lift, no implant?

Breast lift no implant 8/29. 2 days later switched 2 soft sports bra due 2 surgical bra cutting under incisions. 9/20 Dr referred me 2 be fitted in... READ MORE

Is this an infection?

Had Breast lift exactly 2 weeks ago, saw Dr yesterday everything was fine, tidy I'm sore and see a yellow spot, try o lean it up and put gauze on and... READ MORE

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