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Breast Lift Type for Excess Skin and Large Areolas?

I have decided to remove my implants after 15 years without replacement. I have opted not to have any further surgeries and know I will have smaller... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Appear Flat After a Breast Lift?

I am 3 weeks post lift and feel like I had a reduction. I have gone from a solid C-D to a small B and no cleavage. My PS says I am swollen in the... READ MORE

Will Breasts Appear Smaller After Lift without Implants or Look Bigger because They'll Look Perkier?

I'm a big C cup and I'm happy with my cup size, I don't want implants but I don't want them to change size. Is it true that they look... READ MORE

Breast Revision with Internal Bra and Lollipop Lift, I Want to Go Down a Cup Size, Would It Look Strange to Go Smaller? (Photos)

I have 300cc saline filled to 350L/375r, Moderate, 34D/DD. 5'6, 128lbs I want to down size to a Mid to Full C! I feel very top heavy. I'm... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Still Huge Post Surgery.

I'm 26, 5'4'' and 112 pounds and I was a 32DD, and wanted a reduction. I had surgery 6 days ago; my doctor called it a 'lift,'... READ MORE

When Getting a Breast Lift How Small Can I Reasonably Ask a PS to Make my Areola.?

I am going in for a breast lift in a few weeks and one of my main concerns is the size of my areolas. I would like them smaller, preferably the size... READ MORE

If I lose more weight and my breasts become smaller will i still need a lift? (photos)

After my consult with my PS he told me I will need a breast lift in addition to implants. my breast are different in size and the amount of sagging. I... READ MORE

I want my breasts lifted but I do NOT want an implant. It this possible? (photos)

My bra size is a 38DD. My breasts sag, but not tremendously. I do NOT want them to be bigger because they are already heavy. I wouldn't mind if they... READ MORE

I Desire Smaller Breasts if Possible. Is It Possible? (photo)

I get funny looks and a lot of talks to change my mind when I say I desire smaller breasts. My breasts are already very small, but I want the extra... READ MORE

Breast lift without implants? (Photos)

My breasts are saggy after nursing and weight loss. Ideally I want higher perky breast with even and smaller round nipples. I wear a d even though I... READ MORE

Breasts feel tight and flat after breast lift. Will they project more once settled, relaxed and not so compacted? (Photo)

I had a breast lift with fat transfer to the upper poles and a tummy tuck 17 days ago. My breasts are very tight and look flatter and smaller than I... READ MORE

Breasts Smaller After Lift with Implants?

Hello, I had a breast lift with silicone implants 6 weeks on Thursday 8th. Before my surgery I was wearing a D/DD bra. I wanted to be back to my... READ MORE

I'm 20 yrs old and lost 50 pounds. Can I get a Breast lift without implants?

I am 20 years old and have lost 50 pounds. My breasts are much smaller, but they sag very badly. I am okay with the size of my breasts, but not the... READ MORE

What can a doctor do in my case? Is it worth the risk? (Photo)

It's worth the risk? How many chances of getting a better look? I want my breast higher and maybe smaller (90E). I am 20 and a mother of one. Breast... READ MORE

Should I ask for the doctor to redo my right breast? (Photo)

I had a mastopexy on April 7. I started out with my left breast been slightly smaller. But you couldn't tell in my clothes. Now that I had to lift you... READ MORE

Scheduled for revision mastopexy. Desired result: smaller, tighter, lifted breasts. Best technique? (Photo)

I think my last post was not worded properly. I mentioned that I wanted more "firm" breasts. I guess the word I should have used was "tighter". I had... READ MORE

Will having a breast lift make your breast smaller, bigger, or stay the same size?

I wear a 36DD bra and I want to know if having a breast lift will make your breast smaller, buffers, or stay the same size? I definitely don't want my... READ MORE

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