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Sagging Breasts: How to Perk Things Up

After babies and i guess aging :( my breasts sag more than i'd like. is breast lift or plastic surgery my only option for getting them perked up again? READ MORE

Breast Lift Without Surgery?

I want my breasts to be a little more lifted but I'm in no way ready for all the scars associated with full on breast lift surgery. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Breast Lift Type for Excess Skin and Large Areolas?

I have decided to remove my implants after 15 years without replacement. I have opted not to have any further surgeries and know I will have smaller... READ MORE

What is a Mastopexy?

What does the cosmetic surgery term mastopexy mean? What type of surgery is a mastopexy (what does it correct)? READ MORE

Can Breast Lift Tuck Upper Abdomen Loose Skin?

I had a Mini tummy tuck but should have had a full tummy tuck. Now, however, I'm afraid I have to little skin to do a full tuck and am left with saggy... READ MORE

How Will Nipple Surgery During Breast Lift Affect Breast Feeding?

I have lost well over a hundred pounds. My breasts now feels like my grandmother's skin. They have lost most of their elasticity and are practically... READ MORE

Is Breast Lift by Skin Excision Possible?

So I'm 19 years old with C-cup breasts. I lost some weight 1/2 years ago,obviously my breasts were a little bigger (still C cup though) but once I... READ MORE

Is a Specialist for Ethnic Skin Required for Breast Lift?

Hi Surgeons! I am considering having a Breast Lift and was wondering if I need a surgeon who specializes in mixed race skin? I have always been told... READ MORE

Will Mastopexy Get Rid of Stretched Skin from Breast Implants?

Will a Mastopexy get rid of skin that has been stretched because of Breast Implants? I wish to have my implants taken out and want to know if the... READ MORE

Breast Lift not healing, loss of skin 2 - 3 inches wide/long. Will my skin grow back and close the area? (photos)

I had a breast lift on May 14, 2014 and my one breast did not heal as well as expected. My PS tells me to keep putting Neosporin and gauze on the... READ MORE

I read before that a Breast Lift can help the under arm skin area (axillary), is that true? Will it pull it tighter? (photo)

Wondering if it will pull that tighter after the surgeon left me with lose extra skin after lip in that area. I wasnt told that could happen. Now... READ MORE

​What's the better Breast Lift option for breasts with moderate ptosis, thin stretchy skin, little fat for fat transfer? (photo)

Avoid implants, & with consultations I was given 2 diff options. I want a high nipple position + minimal scars. A lift with ADM like matrix used to... READ MORE

How do I lift up my breasts? How will they look good? (photo)

I don't feel good about my breast. It looks saggy and droopy and I don't have kids yet. Is there a way for them to be lifted without breast lift or... READ MORE

Would like my breasts lifted but not enlarged and don't want my nipples moved. Is access via armpit possible? (photo)

I have small breasts which have sagged post babies. They are all gland and skin and no fat. I don't want them any bigger and don't want my nipples... READ MORE

Can a doctor leave or sew through pulled/ damaged skin after breast lift?

I have some damaged skin above incision line of my breast lift where the benelli lift spread. I am scared of high nipple position, not being able to... READ MORE

Should I get a second lift to correct my asymmetrical nipples and sagging? (photo)

I know my nipples are in a desirable position, but I feel my boobs are not sitting high enough. There is no upper pole fullness, and one sits slightly... READ MORE

Major overhang, will a Breast Lift help?

Hi, I currently have 550cc salines under the muscle. After two pregnancies, I have major overhang from stretched out skin which I do not like. Could a... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to tan after a breast lift?

I just completed a breast lift May 4th. I was wondering if there is an input on here. I used to spray tan often as it's better for skin. I was... READ MORE

My breasts are uneven after breast lift. I'm freaking out! 2 days post-op. (photos)

Hi it's been only 48 hours since my breast lift and I just showered for the 1st time and noticed my breasts seem pretty uneven. I do know that they... READ MORE

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