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Breast Deformity, Nipple Size? (photo)

The size of my nipples has always been a source of embarrassment, but I'm wondering whether there is an underlying medical condition? Do I have... READ MORE

Hi I Am a Thirty Year Old Female Size 38D and Am Very Unhappy with the Appearance of my Breasts. What to Do? (photo)

I feel my nipples are too low on my breast but I don't want my breasts any larger. Not sure what the best course of action would be to correct this? READ MORE

Is There Surgeries to Fix Nipple Sizes and Placement? (photo)

I am 3 months post op and the surgeon placed my nipples so high up that they show when I wear tank tops or a v-neck shirt. The doctor said that he... READ MORE

Will I Need Breast Lift with Implant Downsizing?

I had a breast augmentation over a year ago. I was an A cup, and got a moderate silicone 225cc. I'm very petite, so I didn't want to go that big. I... READ MORE

I Am Happy With My Breast Size But Think They Need A Lift. To Keep The Size Do You Recommendation a Lift As Well? (photo)

I am happy with my natural 36D breast size, but I feel as though they could use a pick me up as I have been a 36D-36DD since I was 12 years old. I am... READ MORE

Can a Breast Lift Help Equalize Different Sized Breasts After Implants?

After receiving 240cc in both breasts, (one was smaller to begin with) can a lift help to equal the size? READ MORE

If I lose more weight and my breasts become smaller will i still need a lift? (photos)

After my consult with my PS he told me I will need a breast lift in addition to implants. my breast are different in size and the amount of sagging. I... READ MORE

Will a Breast Lift Drastically Change my Cup Size?

I recently saw a ps that told me that if I were to have a breast lift I would go from a 36/38 DD to a B cup. I have severe ptosis and alot of saggy... READ MORE

Breast lift or breat lift with augmentation? (photos)

I developed large breast seemingly overnight when I was about 13. Try sagged right from the start because I didn't have good bras and was always very... READ MORE

I'm Getting the Works! What Size Implants Would Suit for a Lift to Achieve the Second Pic? (photo)

Ok so I'm a bariatric surgery patient. I have lost 70kg breast fed 3 children. I am getting a "mommy makeover" I have my consult next month but I'm... READ MORE

Size After Breast Lift (photo)

I am going to have a breast lift, and I am currently a 38DD. I am just wondering around what size I will be post-op and what my breasts will look like. READ MORE

I want a Breast lift, keeping my size & close the size of my nipples. Will they sag if I lose weight after the procedure?(photo)

I want a best lift want to still be DD and keep the size or close to the size of my nipple. I'm a big girl and hate my boobs so want them done now.... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Breasts After I Breast Fed 6 Kids?

I want to know more about the fat injections and a breast lift and what size would I be? I don't want implants. READ MORE

Is it possible to remove my implants without doing a lift and still get a decent breast shape? (Photo)

I'm removing my 26 year old silicone implants. I was an A cup when I got implants and about 45 lbs lighter. My current bra size is a 36 D. Would you... READ MORE

I recently had a breast lift 3 months ago. Can these be corrected? (Photo)

My right nipple is puffy .. both breast used to be symmetrical in size shape and nipple size. READ MORE

Best way to get better looking breasts without implants? (photo)

I'm 28 years old and had my over the muscle pip implants removed a year and a half ago with no replacement. I have a strong family history of breast... READ MORE

BREAST LIFT: in-office revision 10 months post-op (photos)

Had my anchor lift last June. My doctor was conservative scar-wise, made them as short as possible. This resulted in excess skin in the lower pole and... READ MORE

Will a breast lift be ok or will I need small Implants to keep my current size (photos)

Hi I am looking to have a breast lift. I have been told that I have enough tissue to where I will not need implants. I would like to know would I stay... READ MORE

How do I get my breast lift wish photos? Can I finance my surgery? (photos)

I wear a size C-D right now and would like to remain a size C-D.. I just want a perkier look and them to be the same in size. Below is s picture of... READ MORE

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