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Breast Deformity, Nipple Size? (photo)

The size of my nipples has always been a source of embarrassment, but I'm wondering whether there is an underlying medical condition? Do I have... READ MORE

Hi I Am a Thirty Year Old Female Size 38D and Am Very Unhappy with the Appearance of my Breasts. What to Do? (photo)

I feel my nipples are too low on my breast but I don't want my breasts any larger. Not sure what the best course of action would be to correct this? READ MORE

Is There Surgeries to Fix Nipple Sizes and Placement? (photo)

I am 3 months post op and the surgeon placed my nipples so high up that they show when I wear tank tops or a v-neck shirt. The doctor said that he... READ MORE

Will I Need Breast Lift with Implant Downsizing?

I had a breast augmentation over a year ago. I was an A cup, and got a moderate silicone 225cc. I'm very petite, so I didn't want to go that big. I... READ MORE

I Am Happy With My Breast Size But Think They Need A Lift. To Keep The Size Do You Recommendation a Lift As Well? (photo)

I am happy with my natural 36D breast size, but I feel as though they could use a pick me up as I have been a 36D-36DD since I was 12 years old. I am... READ MORE

Can a Breast Lift Help Equalize Different Sized Breasts After Implants?

After receiving 240cc in both breasts, (one was smaller to begin with) can a lift help to equal the size? READ MORE

If I lose more weight and my breasts become smaller will i still need a lift? (photos)

After my consult with my PS he told me I will need a breast lift in addition to implants. my breast are different in size and the amount of sagging. I... READ MORE

Will a Breast Lift Drastically Change my Cup Size?

I recently saw a ps that told me that if I were to have a breast lift I would go from a 36/38 DD to a B cup. I have severe ptosis and alot of saggy... READ MORE

Breast lift or breat lift with augmentation? (photos)

I developed large breast seemingly overnight when I was about 13. Try sagged right from the start because I didn't have good bras and was always very... READ MORE

I'm Getting the Works! What Size Implants Would Suit for a Lift to Achieve the Second Pic? (photo)

Ok so I'm a bariatric surgery patient. I have lost 70kg breast fed 3 children. I am getting a "mommy makeover" I have my consult next month but I'm... READ MORE

I want a Breast lift, keeping my size & close the size of my nipples. Will they sag if I lose weight after the procedure?(photo)

I want a best lift want to still be DD and keep the size or close to the size of my nipple. I'm a big girl and hate my boobs so want them done now.... READ MORE

Size After Breast Lift (photo)

I am going to have a breast lift, and I am currently a 38DD. I am just wondering around what size I will be post-op and what my breasts will look like. READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Breasts After I Breast Fed 6 Kids?

I want to know more about the fat injections and a breast lift and what size would I be? I don't want implants. READ MORE

Best way to get better looking breasts without implants? (photo)

I'm 28 years old and had my over the muscle pip implants removed a year and a half ago with no replacement. I have a strong family history of breast... READ MORE

Will a breast lift be ok or will I need small Implants to keep my current size (photos)

Hi I am looking to have a breast lift. I have been told that I have enough tissue to where I will not need implants. I would like to know would I stay... READ MORE

Breast lift without implants? (Photo)

I'm happy with my cup size (currently a full C, D) however I'm in desperate need of a lift. I don't want to be bigger but I'm afraid I will be smaller... READ MORE

I recently had a breast lift 3 months ago. Can these be corrected? (Photo)

My right nipple is puffy .. both breast used to be symmetrical in size shape and nipple size. READ MORE

BREAST LIFT: in-office revision 10 months post-op (photos)

Had my anchor lift last June. My doctor was conservative scar-wise, made them as short as possible. This resulted in excess skin in the lower pole and... READ MORE

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