Settling + Breast Lift

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Are my Implants Too High? They Feel Too Tight. (photo)

Hi, im 27, and exactly 2 weeks ago got a breast lift,with 700 cc silicon unders. they have no settled at all, not even a milimeter. they are right... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post-Op Breast Lift, Incision is Too Tight, Is there Anything I can do? (photo)

I had my breast lift 7 weeks ago and my breast hasn't settling in yet, when I lift my arm my left breast pushes upward and the crease starts from the... READ MORE

Do my Breasts Appear to Have "Settled" Too Low?

I had a BL/BA in mid-March 2011. I'm concerned that my breasts are too low and lack upper pole fullness. I have a follow-up with my doctor in a... READ MORE

Are oval areolas normal after a breast lift? (photos)

I am now 11 weeks post breast lift. He reduced the size of my areolas as well, but they are now long ovals and I'm not happy. He told me that they are... READ MORE

Mastopexy (full lift) and augmentation done for uneven breasts (right larger and lower than left) on Feb 26th 2015 (Photo)

I know it still might be early but I just think they are settling way too unevenly and I am concerned and upset these are basically the final results.... READ MORE

Are my breasts settling correctly? Am I hurting my results with underwire bra? (photos)

I received a breast lift to correct asymmetry 4 months ago. I started wearing an underwire bra one-two months ago. I'm worried that my breasts are... READ MORE

Should I have a lift after already having augmentation? (photos)

I had 470 cc implants put in May 31 and now that they have settled a bit, I'm wondering if we should have don't a lift as well? Do my breasts seem too... READ MORE

Why are my breast two different shapes after lift? (photo)

I had a breast life four weeks ago and I wanted to get some opinions on how my breasts may settle. I am fine and well aware they are different sizes,... READ MORE

Right breast reduction set higher than left side breast lift (Photo)

I had a breast lift on the left side and a breast reduction on the right. Post-op my left breast looks good, but, my right breast though was set... READ MORE

Just got a breast lift & before the lift the right breast was bigger than left. After the lift the right is still big.

Now my nipples are uneven. I'm trying to be paTient because it's only been a month and I was told gibe them time to settle. But seems to me when they... READ MORE

Will my horizontal show once healed and will it make my breast shape look weird? (Photo)

As my breast are settling into place I noticed they are shaping up pretty weird despite all my efforts. Is this due to the horizontal scar being... READ MORE

Will pursestring sutures in areolas soften and settle deeper over time?

I had Mastopexy procedure done 4 weeks ago and I can feel a really hard rim all around my areolas. I'm concerned it will always feel this way. Will... READ MORE

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