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Can I have Brazilian Butt lift and Breast lift at the same time? (photo)

I had a Brazilian butt lift on March 8,2014 and even though I am happy with the results I would like to go bigger and more projection from the side. I... READ MORE

Can Lipo of Abdomen AND Breast Lift Be Done @ the Same Time?

Can lipo & breast lift be done at the same time?? im going to go forward with the lift (consultation next week) but now im thinking of getting... READ MORE

Should a Healthy 60 Year Old Women Consider Having a Breast Lift and a Full Tummy Tuck Done in One Hospital Visit?

I was told because they are both long surgeries they should be performed one at a time .Blood clots were mentioned is this because of the lenght of... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift and Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time? What's the best sleep positions for breast/BBL post op?(photo)

I want to have breast implants explantation (I have silicone for more than 10 years) I don't want implants anymore, I want full lift (anchor) to make... READ MORE

Breast lift without implants the best option? Can armpits liposuction be performed at the same time? (Photo)

Im scared to have squared boobs , or too small unshaped . Also my armpits and breast area bothers me. Im 27 years old .which one is the best option... READ MORE

Is a Breast Lift with Tummy Tuck too much recovery pain to handle?

I need a breast lift and tummy tuck procedure done but I am afraid of the recovery pain. Is the pain or recovery time doubled because more than one... READ MORE

Can a Donut Lift and Nipple Reduction Be Done at the Same Time? Don't Want Implants or Large Scar. (photo)

I would like to reduce the size (length and circumference) of my nipples at the same time as a lift. I'm a C cup currently and don't need more. Just... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift without implants? (Photo)

Hi! I have two children and I breastfed both. Now I feel as if I have deflated and saggy boobs. Interested in a lift. Can I get One and not get... READ MORE

Breast lift at the same time as implant removal?

I had a lift done with cohesive gel breast implants 300cc in the summer of 2012 and I wanted to know if I remove the implants, can a lift be performed... READ MORE

What are the risks of having multiple cosmetic surgeries at the same time?

I am having a breast lift and lipo(inner outer thighs, back and butt) on March 11.... What are this risk having that done at the same time I have read... READ MORE

Can I have a Brazilian butt lift and a breast uplift at the same time?

I am getting a Brazilian butt lift and breast uplift at the same time what would the recovery be like and how many days should I stay over ? READ MORE

Update to my original post: I want a breast lift without implants (backside photos)

Here are photos of me from behind, I am also going to include photos of how I hope to look or get as close as possibly possible. I will not be getting... READ MORE

If you get a breast reduction, do they perform a breast lift as well?

I want to get a breast reduction mainly because I get back pains, but the way my breasts sit I'm not sure if they're actually saggy or if they just... READ MORE

Can I have a Breast lift and a Brazilian Butt Lift done at the same time??

I'm interested in getting a breast lift and bbl and I want to know if it was possible to get them done at the same time. I have been on the fence... READ MORE

Will having a Breast lift make my breast appear smaller? What results can I expect if I get implants at a later date?

I'm going to get a breast lift done, and I was wondering if it's going to make my breast look smaller? I don't want any implants done right now.... READ MORE

Can a breast lift be done at the same time as implant removal?

I have 13 yr old saline, sub-muscular implants I got to correct asymmetry. Since then, I've nursed 2 children and my breasts now droop with the old... READ MORE

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