Saline Implants + Breast Lift

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Breast Lift Type for Excess Skin and Large Areolas?

I have decided to remove my implants after 15 years without replacement. I have opted not to have any further surgeries and know I will have smaller... READ MORE

Fixing Uneven Areolas and Breast Without Lift?

I have 4 children and am done with breastfeeding and having babies. I currently have implants (saline) over 500cc (DD or DDD). I have one areola that... READ MORE

Please Help ( Breast Lift)

I've had my two lovely children but my breasts have sagged miserably. I wear a 38D bra. Please ADVISE ON THE FF: Can I have a lift alone without... READ MORE

When Getting a Breast Lift, Should You Use Saline or Silicone if You Are Desiring a Natural Look?

I was told I need a lollipop lift and I am interested in getting an implant to replace volume--nothing too big. I want a natural look. Should I go for... READ MORE

Swollen After Mastopexy with Implants

I'm 47 years old and I had mastopexy with 180cc saline implants 5 weeks ago my breast seems to be to bulky on the bottom, I had an inverted T... READ MORE

Is It Just Me or Do I Still Look Saggy? (photo)

I had a breast lift (full anchor) with saline implants under the muscle almost 2 months ago and still feel like they are saggy. I guess I was hoping... READ MORE

Are These results Normal? (photo)

Had breast lift with saline implants under the muscle along with lipo to the underarm areas. My breasts are looking sort of "square" at the sides . Is... READ MORE

Another Breast Lift Needed when Replacing Saline Implants?

I'm 5'2" and 120 lbs. I had a breast lift with teardrop shaped Saline breast implants two years ago. I was told by my plastic surgeon that the... READ MORE

Mastopexy with Implants 6 Months Ago - When Can I Get a Revision?

I'm not happy with the results of my mastopexy with saline implants, I got inverted T technique. When will be safe to have a new breast surgery... READ MORE

As my implants drop, it feels like breast tissue is also dropping. Could I be developing snoopy deformity? (Photo)

Had a reduction/lift w. 275 cc smooth mod. saline under muscle 3 mos ago. As my implants drop & soften it seems like breast tissue is also dropping... READ MORE

37yrs with 325cc saline implants placed 12yrs ago: Want them removed and wondering if I'll need a breast lift after? (Photo)

So my story begins in 2002 I decided I wanted bigger breast, I was originally a 34B. I decided to have 325cc saline implants put behind the muscle... READ MORE

How do you decide if you need a lift when one PS says yes, and one says no?? (photos)

I have very little breast tissue and am thin on top, a little fuller everywhere else (like so many moms who breastfed). I really want moderate sized... READ MORE

Can I have a breast lift without replacing current implants?

I had breast augmentation when I was 29(before child)...I'm now almost 36. My breasts feel so heavy since my pregnancy. About 2 years ago surgeon said... READ MORE

Do I have to replace existing implants or can I just do a lift? (photo)

I've had saline implants for 6.5 years and after nursing 2 children need a lift :( I want to only do a lift if possible in hopes my recovery will be... READ MORE

I'm 31 yrs old female. Would a periareola lift help to raise my areolas slightly? (photos)

Would a periareola lift help to raise my areolas slightly or some other type of lift? I'm in saline implants sub muscular. READ MORE

Clear of hematoma/fluids in right breast. 2 weeks post, 600cc under muscle high profile saline. Am I healing correctly? (Photo)

BA 6/19/15 600cc HP salines under muscle. My R breast (left in photo) was always a bit more higher& swollen. 3 days after surgery i aggressively... READ MORE

Is it better to use saline or silicone when getting a lift and you have sagging, uneven breasts? (photo)

My breasts are sagging and uneven due to breast feeding. I wear a B cup. Is it better to use saline or silicone when getting a mommy makeover? Is it... READ MORE

Breast Lift. Where Are Incisions Made Typically?

I am a 36C with saline implants. One as ruptured. They were done in 1986 thru the areola. What scars are typically created with a lift? and can the... READ MORE

Breast lift after implant removal: What procedure do you recommend based on my photos and desires? (Photo)

I am 2 months post op from removing my 550cc saline implants. I am currently a 32DDD. I definitely do not want implants again although I love the... READ MORE

Do I need a lollipop lift? (Photo)

After being in this site I'm no longer scared of the scar. I can see it heals up just fine. But ai plan on having larger implants.. 450-500cc saline.... READ MORE

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