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Removal of Surgical Tape After Breast Lift...When Is Best?

My dr instructed me to remove the surgical tape at two weeks. I removed a small portion and it just does not look ready to remove it. I've heard... READ MORE

No Nipple Erection After Breast Lift

Had bilateral breast lift in Dec. '09 (no implants). Have notice more hardened scar tissue at 12 o'clock in right breast which elicites no response to... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Lift Without Implants 16 Days Ago. My Breasts Look Very Square Now? (photo)

16 days ago I had a full breast lift after having implants removed. My breasts have taken on a very square look and they are very firm all around the... READ MORE

When Can I Take off the Tape from Lollipop Lift and Implants?

I had my surgery july 19th and i left the tape on. I got my boobs done in a different country so i cant really see my doc in person. Is it time for me... READ MORE

Small A Cup Breasts. Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery? (photo)

Hello! I got implants when I was 22 and had them removed 2 years later. The implants stretched my skin and left my breasts looking deflated. I am... READ MORE

Breast Lift Possible During Removal of Ruptured Implants?

I had breast reconstruction with implants, but now I have a rupture. I need them out, can I have a breast lift at the same time I get the implants... READ MORE

37yrs with 325cc saline implants placed 12yrs ago: Want them removed and wondering if I'll need a breast lift after? (Photo)

So my story begins in 2002 I decided I wanted bigger breast, I was originally a 34B. I decided to have 325cc saline implants put behind the muscle... READ MORE

Is It Risky to Perform a Breast Uplift at the Same Time As Implant and Capsule Removal?

I want my silicone gel implants and capsules removed as I have had them for 16 years and believe they are making me ill. They were done on the nhs... READ MORE

Will I be able to breastfeed after having a Breast Lift?

Hello, I'm a 33 year old mother of two. I've had 375cc McGhan implants in for 11 years. I want the implants removed but I'm sure I will need a... READ MORE

I Recently Had Implants Removed. I'm Considering a Lift. How Long Should I Wait Before Deciding?

I Recently Had Implants Removed. I'm Considering a Lift. How Long Should I Wait Before Deciding? READ MORE

Surgeon Would Like to Remove a Little Bit More Skin from my Breasts. How Risky Is This and Is it Worth It?

I just saw my surgeon for my 6 mod follow up. I had a breast lift (lollipop incision) as well as my implants replaced. I am happy with the size and... READ MORE

Internal Breast Lift: Are the materials in The Refine Internal Breast Suspension System potentially harmful to my body?

I would like to know about the safety of The Refine® Internal Breast Suspension System as a supplement to breast lift after implant removal. I have ... READ MORE

Should I have an exposed spitting stitch removed if it doesn't hurt?

I am post op breast lift and augmentatation 4 weeks and have a spitting stitch. I originally thought it was an external stitch so I used a splinter... READ MORE

Breast lift or fat transfer? (Photo)

I am planning to have my 9 y/o 425cc saline breast implants removed soon. I'm currently in a 36C bra. Prior to implants I wore a full A. I have gained... READ MORE

10 days post op Breast lift, is it normal one breast looks bigger than the other? (photos)

Had a breast uplift/implant removal 10 days ago. My left breast appears to be bigger than my right one. Could this still be swelling? I don't really... READ MORE

When should stitches be removed after breast lift?

Hello, I had my operation, breast lift, lollipop, 17th April (3days ago). Doctor told me everything went well, no complications. There wasn't much... READ MORE

Breast lift after implant removal: What procedure do you recommend based on my photos and desires? (Photo)

I am 2 months post op from removing my 550cc saline implants. I am currently a 32DDD. I definitely do not want implants again although I love the... READ MORE

Can I get just a lift without an implant needed? (photos)

Can I get a Brest lift without an implant? I just had 450 CC saline breast implants removed after 10 years . They were removed 3 days ago. I am... READ MORE

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