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Infection 14 Days After Vertical Breast Lift and Implants?

Last night (Monday) I noticed that my incisions were dark pink almost red. My breasts were a little more swollen than normal. Note: I just finished my... READ MORE

Uneven areola after lift and reduction. Any suggestions? (photos)

Breast reduction and lift about four months ago. I'm pleased with the shape and size, but I'm not happy with the size and shape difference of my... READ MORE

Painful red incisions, 1month+ post breast lift without implant. Cellulitis? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks post breast lift and my incisions are painful, hard and red. This is on BOTH breasts. Does this look like cellulitis? I will see my... READ MORE

How Badly Does One Scar After Getting a Breast Lift with Implant?

I am 29 and now contemplating getting a breast lift with implants. However I have health issues I suffer with Lupus (SLE) and I still have the... READ MORE

Can scars improve after 1 and a half years of a breast lift? (Photos)

I had a breastlift dec 14, my scars are flat on the outside and a bit bumpy inside , still red after one and a half years , I've used silicone patches... READ MORE

What could be wrong with my breast? )photos)

I had breast lift with implant 8 months ago, this just started happening to me. Red, warm & painful to the touch. What could be wrong with my breast 8... READ MORE

My breasts are still saggy after lift & I don't know what to do. What does anyone think about this? (Photo)

My dr. Wants to perform an outpatient "wedge" procedure to bring the skin together which will lift the Breast. What does anyone think about this? I'm... READ MORE

What to do? Who can I see? (Photo)

I had a breast life don't a year and 5 months ago everything was great until I noticed my skin getting bigger and red. Which now at this point it's... READ MORE

Red irritated spot on benelli scar. What can I do to calm this area down? (Photo)

7 months postop benelli lift, only area with pleating, tried massaging area for a few weeks, but stopped when spot became irritated. All bras irritate... READ MORE

Is it normal for my surrounding nipple area to be red 6 months later? (Photo)

Is it normal to have reddness around my nipples 6 months post surgery ? And am I keloiding ? Helppp I'm scared dr said it will go away but I'm not... READ MORE

Do I need breast implants now? What is happening? (Photo)

I had a breast lifer several months ago. I developed Seroma fluid infections on both breast. They have closed. Just a couple weeks my right breast,... READ MORE

Red scars. Any suggestions or recommendations? (Photo)

I'm 3 months post op and my scars are really red still. Any suggestions or recommendations? Also, the thickness of my breast scars are really thick on... READ MORE

3.5 months post-op breast lift (no implants): are my scars on track to heal normally? (photos)

I'm happy with the results of my BL overall. The shape and the degree of lift are good. As you can see looking at the before pic, but the results are... READ MORE

Do my breasts look like they are healing properly from a Breast Lift? (photos)

I am 8 days post op, and I am noticing that the scars are starting to form. They look very red and a little bunched. Please note that not all of the... READ MORE

How long after Anchor Breast Lift can I guarantee I'll not widen my scars with movement or pulling?

I had a scar revision around my areola and vertical scar, I was told that scars can become hiperthrophic or widened if they are still red with sudden... READ MORE

8 Days Post Op Breast Lift - Left incision oozing blood, yellow puss forming. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had implantremoval and lift 8 days ago. The "T" of the left breast incision has been more red and irritated than the other. Small spot where the... READ MORE

Breast uplift scars 10 months. (photo)

I'm worried they will never get any better than this! It has been ten months and they still seems quite red and raised. I'm currently doing a hard... READ MORE

6 weeks post full anchor mastopexy without implants: incisions open, red and itchy. (photos)

My PS has started me on antibiotics as preemptive measures but says it doesn't look infected. I'm using bacitracin ointment once a day and keeping... READ MORE

Should I be concerned? Brownish red fluid coming from breast after lift without implant. (Photo)

A few days after breast lift (NO IMPLANT) I began having sharp pains & hardening. 10 days after breast lift, developed dark bruising on my left... READ MORE

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