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How Long Do I Need to Wear a Sports Bra After a Breast Lift (No Augmentation)?

Does the bra need to be worn 24-7 or could I just sleep in the sports bra? Also, why is the sports bra necessary as opposed to wearing a regular bra? READ MORE

Montgomery Glands Migrating After Mastopexy - Any Solutions? (photo)

I had mastopaxy with implant under the muscle 2 years ago; 6 months ago I noticed the Montgomery glands on the outer and lower quadrant are moving... READ MORE

What is the Cause of Areola Necrosis and Would You Say Mine Was of the Superficial Kind? (photo)

Had an uplift with implants all within the same op. my surgeon has been good &I see him once a month /every 6 wks. I am happy with level of... READ MORE

I Had a Mastopexy, but the Doctor Didn't Wrap Me or Suggest a Support Bra. Why?

I Had a Mastopexy, but the Doctor Didn't Wrap Me or Suggest a Support Bra. Why? READ MORE

Why Are the End Sutures Still in Place Following a Breast Mastopexy and Uplift??

Hello, I have recently had a breast mastopexy and uplift (3 1/2 weeks ago) I had the stitches out 2 weeks following the surgery. I haven't even... READ MORE

Hematoma/Seroma After Breast Lift?

I had breast lift surgery on June 11, 2012... the left side was a pain in the A$$ for the doc,, which resulted in x-tra bruising and fluid build up..... READ MORE

Why do my breasts look like this after a lift? (Photo)

I had a breast lift I had large implants that were taken out. I wanted to be natural . It's been 5 months and I have s nice dent in my breast my... READ MORE

Could a Breast Lift Cause a Hernia?

I am 9 days post op from Breast Lift, revision, and lipo of flanks and upper thighs. I have had a burning sensation inside, about 2 inches below my... READ MORE

Hollow sound in breast after lift no implant

Had breast lift with no implant on 2/8 and on my right breast near my areola there is a quarter sized area that sounds hollow or filled with air when... READ MORE

Why isn't the edge of my nipple attaching to the skin on my breast? It has not attached at all since lift. (Photo)

There is a section of my incision that has not mended (adjacent to the bruise). Hard to tell from the photo but the nipple has not attached to my... READ MORE

I am interested in a breast lift. I often see lifts where the nipple placement is lowish. Is there a reason for this? (Photo)

Nipple placement is one of the reasons I'd like to do a lift. Is it possible for my nipples to be placed like my example photos? Should I do a... READ MORE

Why is half of my areola swollen after breast lift that was done 6 months ago? (Photo)

I had a partial lift on my right side and a full lift including areola/nipple on my left side. My areola is not huge and on top of it I have a weird... READ MORE

Why in the world am I bigger after having a mastopexy with a slight reduction? (Photo)

I was a size D pre surgery. Wanted to be a B after surgery. My breasts were severely saggy. I feel heavier, I feel bustier. I took pictures because I... READ MORE

I've lost my areola and nipple, and 1/2 of the other one. What is the medical explanation for this?

What is the protocal if a DR does a breast lift and there is no blood flow? what would or should have the Doctor have done? this truely is not... READ MORE

9 months post-op: do I qualify for a scar revision breast lift. (photos)

I had a breast lift in Sept. I was worried about scars and was hoping to just do a periolar lift but the dr said i needed a full anchor. im very... READ MORE

I took off my silicone sheets and the hole is getting bigger. Why is this happening? (Photo)

Im one month post breast lift and I am so scared, i just took my silicone sheets off a saw the hole is getting biggwr, why is this happening and whats... READ MORE

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