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Anchor Breast Lift Scar?

How does an anchor breast lift scar feel like? Is it normally a raised scar? READ MORE

I Had a Doughnut Lift 8 Days Ago and the Bottom of my Areola is Raised and Overhanging Will It Go? (photo)

I had breast implants and a lift done via the doughnut method 8 days ago. Of course i am not healed yet and am still swollen and soar however, the... READ MORE

How much can my areolas be reduced and raised with a breast lift? (photos)

I am 26, and extremely unhappy with the size of my areolas (2 inches in diameter) and shape of my breasts. I would like to reduce my areola to at... READ MORE

How long does it take for a raised scar to flatten after breast lift?

I had a full breast lift 2 months ago. How long does it take raised scars to flatten? One side is totally flat while the other is raised. Thanks READ MORE

Why can't I move my arms above my head for six weeks after breast lift?

So I had a breast lift to correct my tuberous breasts. The doctor said that I was not able to lift my arms above my head for six weeks. She said to do... READ MORE

How Badly Does One Scar After Getting a Breast Lift with Implant?

I am 29 and now contemplating getting a breast lift with implants. However I have health issues I suffer with Lupus (SLE) and I still have the... READ MORE

Should I try laser or any specific treatment for my breast lift scars? (Photo)

I'm 4 months post op and it seems that my scars are a little thick and raised. My Doctor is Board certified, he said that my scars look normal for... READ MORE

Mastopexy Incision: Puckering, or Keloid? (photos)

These are taken one week post-op for a bilateral mastopexy. I am in my 20s, healthy, and a non-smoker. Are these raised bumps normal at my healing... READ MORE

I am 21 days post full anchor lift mastopexy with under muscle augmentation. How long can this swelling remain?

I have considerable swelling remaining in between the breasts causing the breasts to look abnormal from some angles, almost like the cleavage is... READ MORE

What can I do for my breast lift scars? (Photo)

Almost 1 yr Post-Op and Scars are still unsightly. My scars are raised in some areas and others and flat. Some parts are red and others flesh toned.... READ MORE

Breast lift without nipple transplant?

I am interested in a breast lift. However, my breasts sag considerably and nipples need to be raised much, much higher. Can this be achieved with... READ MORE

Large hole at the end of my incision, which is raised swollen and bumpy. Is this normal? 4 wks post op breast lift. (photo)

Received a breast lift and reduction four weeks ago. Left breast is fine, right breast has some nipple healing issues but it's healing. Main issue is... READ MORE

What can I do with my scars? Will they ever get better? (photos)

I had my breast lift a little over 5 months ago. I thought my scars were going to be okay but now they are raised and very irritating. It's hard to... READ MORE

Can the inframammary crease of a natural breast be raised along with the areola and tissue mound lift? (photos)

Is armpit tissue removed?Not only has the breast mound descended in my 60 years but the inframammary fold has always set low on my chest. I would like... READ MORE

What is the best treatment option for an incorrectly placed breast lift incision and hypertrophic scars? (Photo)

I am 9 months post op from a anchor breast lift, my left breast incision was incorrectly placed above my breast crease fold and my PS said to wait one... READ MORE

How to heal breast lift scars? I'm 3 months post and the silicone scar sheets have no helped. (photos)

I had a breast lift in February of 2017 and in April I decided to use silicone scar sheets, however they have not helped in any way. My scars near the... READ MORE

Breast uplift scars 10 months. (photo)

I'm worried they will never get any better than this! It has been ten months and they still seems quite red and raised. I'm currently doing a hard... READ MORE

Is there any advice or treatments of what I can do for the hard bump around my Areola after having breast surgery? (photo)

I had surgery in November last year (2015) I had a uplift and reduction, also my right nipple taken off and put back. My healing all went well expect... READ MORE

Scar not healing well on one Breast after Breast lift? (Photos)

My right Breast scar is raised and very red after 7 months of surgery. It itches me some times. Bras bother me too. Some fabrics other than cotton... READ MORE

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