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Saggy Breast 21 y/o, Fluctuating Weight, What Can I Do to Prevent Further Sagging?

I am 21 years old with very saggy breasts.I have been both very underweight and overweight and have almost constantly fluctuated between the two over... READ MORE

When Getting a Breast Lift, Should You Use Saline or Silicone if You Are Desiring a Natural Look?

I was told I need a lollipop lift and I am interested in getting an implant to replace volume--nothing too big. I want a natural look. Should I go for... READ MORE

Benelli Vs Lollipop Lift, What is Recommended For No Scarring?

One Ps recommended the donut lift, measure 25cm. I know the lollipop would be best for me. But I would rather have a little sag and no scar vs perky... READ MORE

Do Bras Delay Breasts Sagging?

I have small B sized breasts so have not found it always necessary to wear a bra for social or comfort reasons. At 30 I just started seeing they are... READ MORE

How common is nipple necrosis after breast lift?

How often does nipple necrosis occur statistically? Anything that will help prevent it (other than avoiding nicotine & 2nd hand smoke- I don't smoke... READ MORE

Are There Strategies to Slow Down the Process of Breast Drooping?

For example: wearing sports bras to bed, sleeping on your side, taking vitamins to give the ligaments more nutrients, applying lotions with collagen, etc. READ MORE

Scar Control From a Vertical Breast Lift?

My personal Attempt at scar control from vertical breast lift and 330 cc saline implants (June 13th) is a variety of vitamins, my vitiamin therapy... READ MORE

Is it bad to have a breast lift done if you are predisposed to breast cancer?

Iwouldliketogeta breast lift done however, my grandma had breast cancer and I heard it skips a generation. If I get a breast lift 1. would the lift... READ MORE

Should I get a breast lift and areola reduction?

I wear a 34 D cup sized bra. My breats sag immensely, are there any procedures that would give me very good results? I'm worried about scars but is... READ MORE

Why am I still spitting stitches ? How can this be Prevented ? (photos)

Had breast lift and reduction over 7 months ago . I have been sitting stitches every few months . The right breast more . In the beginning I even got... READ MORE

I had a breast lift a couple of months ago, and I want to lose around 20 pounds (10kgs). How much will they sag?

I'm just afraid if it will sag how much will it sag? 5 Inches? And how Can I prevent it from sagging? READ MORE

Stitches causing bleeding. (photos)

My problem is that the dissolvable stitches are knotted on the outside and it's preventing my scar from closing properly. I asked the DR TO remove... READ MORE

I had a breast lift without an implant. The result lasted 2 months, then my breasts went down again.

My doctor said she has no idea why did it happen. I stricktly followed the instructions, wore a surgical bra, sport bra, didn't run etc. My doctor... READ MORE

How can I improve the healing of breast lift scars?

I have wanted to get a breast lift (no implants) for a very long time but I'm worried because I don'thave the most forgiving skin. By which I mean it... READ MORE

How long after a breast lift procedure do I need to wait to get implants?

Hi, after my last question I decided to go for a breast lift procedure. Spacing out the lift and augmentation procedure is the more realistically... READ MORE

Does a lift prevent your breasts from looking natural?

My breast look hard as though they are bulging they do not look natural a year out? I went to another PS & he said the lift prevents the implants... READ MORE

Will pursestring sutures in areolas soften and settle deeper over time?

I had Mastopexy procedure done 4 weeks ago and I can feel a really hard rim all around my areolas. I'm concerned it will always feel this way. Will... READ MORE

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