Pregnancy + Breast Lift

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Is Breast Lift Necessary for Deflated C Cups?

I am 34 year old and briefly breastfed my two sons (ages: 7y/o & 5 mo.) I have consulted with three different PS about Breast augmentation to... READ MORE

Breast Lift Before Pregnancy?

I have never had kids, if I had a Breast lift with Breast implants, and then get pregnant, would I need to get another Breast lift? READ MORE

Breast Implants Years After Breast Reduction?

I had a Breast Reduction 15 years ago when I was 18 years old. I have gained and lost weight many times since then, had a baby (unsuccessful at... READ MORE

Agonizing over Decision for Breast Lift After Pregnancy

I am currently agonizing over whether to have a breast lift. I don't usually agonize over decisions. I am 33 and have had two pregnancies. Prior to... READ MORE

Breast Reduction After Pregancy

Hi i'm a 21-year-old-mother who gave birth over 14-months ago,my problem is that i always had an a-cup breast and during my pregnancy my breast... READ MORE

Breast Lift or Breast Reduction Surgery for 21 Year Old?

Hello. I am a healthy 21 year old and had a two-part question. I am considering either Breast Lift or Breast Reduction surgery. My breasts have always... READ MORE

Will Breast Lift Have Any Effect on Pregnancy?

I'm 23 years old with no children, but my breasts sag as if I had already given birth. Is it okay for me to have a breast lift even though I am... READ MORE

How Will Breasts Look Like After a Lift, then Have Children?

I am considering a breast lift; but what will happen if I have a breast lift and I might have a child or children unplanned? How will my breasts will... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Nipple Reduction Before or After Pregnancy?

I am researching about Breast lift (Mastopexy) and Nipple reduction. I have had 2 children, and breast fed both. However, we are contemplating on... READ MORE

Should I Wait Until After Pregnancy to Get a Breast Lift?

Okay so i want to be a model but i also want to have a baby someday so should i wait til after pregnancy to get a breast lift ? i definitely want to... READ MORE

I Want a Fuller Perkier Look to my Already Large Breast, What Would Best Suit my Needs?

So after my pregnancy and breastfeeding with my first child my breasts stayed at a DD. There is quite a bit of hang and am wondering if there is a... READ MORE

Breast Lift Scar After Pregnancy

I have done the operation breast lift and breast enlargment ,after 6 months i discovered i am pregnant and the stiches started to became darker but... READ MORE

How Much Weight Should I Lose if I'm 190lbs, 4'11, Want BBL and Breast Lift?

IM 22 years old n have one kid. I weight 190 n height is 4'11 n I would love to get a breast left along with a Brazilian butt surgery. But I wana... READ MORE

Wait Until After Kids for a Breast Lift?

If I don't have kids but would like to, should I wait to do lift? READ MORE

If I Have a Breast Lift Due to Tubular Breast How Will Pregnancy Effect It?

I didn't know I had tubular breast when I started looking into options I just knew I didnt look like other girls and i was very self conscious... READ MORE

Can I Get a Breast Lift While Pregnant?

I just found out im pregnant and was planning to have a breast lift reduction combo and i want to know if i can still do that being pregnant? READ MORE

Should I Wait Till After Im Finished Having Children Before I Get a Scarless Breast Lift?

I am a 30F and have had droopy breasts since I was a teenager. I have always wanted a lift but I scar easily. I am excited about the minimal scar... READ MORE

Breast Lift & Downsize Implants - Before OR After Having a Baby?

Naturally 32 C/D w Lax skin. 31 I got 700 CC silicone. I did NOT want a lift cuz of the scars. I'm 118 lbs, small rib cage & waist so these look... READ MORE

What Breast Surgery Should I Have? (photo)

I was born without a muscle on my right breast. I still developed a little bit of tissue but my left breast was still, fully developed, 2 cups sizes... READ MORE

After Breast Uplift, Will Breast Feeding Work? How Long To Wait Before Next Pregnancy?

I have just had a breast uplift 6 weeks ago. before the uplift i stopped breastfeeding my child (she was 2) three months before. Now, since the uplift... READ MORE

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