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Is a Benelli Lift Without Permanent Suture Possible? (photo)

The more i read about the benelli lift, the more confused i get. talking about the permanent suture which seems to have a lot of negative aspects. is... READ MORE

Are my hematoma results permanent? How soon can I get a revision if necessary? (Photo)

I am about 3 weeks post op from a regular "anchor" style breast lift without implants. After exactly one week post op, i ended up with a large... READ MORE

should i have permanent sutures used for my crescent lift to help prevent stretching/distortion? (photo)

I am "borderline" in needing a lift. my surgeon and i discussed a benneli and crescent. in the end, we decided on crescent lift, just to bring my... READ MORE

Breast scar revision to get rid of permanent makeup? (Photo)

I got a breast lift 2 years ago. M'y tissues are thin, which caused the scars to widen. I got a scar revision with a permanent suture around the... READ MORE

Did my surgeon give me "dog ears" on my breast lift? (Photo)

I am 6 weeks PO mastopexy (no implants). I have noticed since the beginning that the end of the scar that runs underneath my breast comes out to a... READ MORE

Can a benelli lift be converted to a lollipop lift if the nipples are already high enough?

I had a benelli lift which was a disaster. I was left with horrible scarring, puckering skin, and misshapen areolas. I also dislike that I can feel... READ MORE

Areola edges sink in? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op breast lift. Parts of my nipples looks like they've been sewn too tight to where my skin sinks in. All of my sutures have been... READ MORE

Is sunburst/vein growth permanent after benelli lift? Are there hopes for me to look normal?

If I ever converted lift to vertical will the vein growth (sunburst ing) ever go away? I also have keloid scars- help!! Am I doomed? I am 6 mos. post... READ MORE

Wrinkling and loose skin after breast lift. Will the skin readjust and fill out, or is it permanent? (Photo)

I am nearly 4 weeks post breast lift surgery and have noticed that since the lift has dropped and swelling gone down, the upper pole skin is still... READ MORE

Double bubble possible with a lift no implants? (photos)

I had a breast lift no implants three days ago and am concerned that I have what appears to be a double bubble. Can this occur with no implants? What... READ MORE

Can I get permanent results from a circumareolar breast lift?

I worry that after paying thousands of dollars for a 3.5CM breast lift in my 20's, I will then have to get another surgery later in life to upkeep my... READ MORE

Are the scars permanent after breast lift?

After breast lift surgery does this scars are permanent???iam not married one i get marry and and if i want to breast feed my child does this surgery... READ MORE

Permanent stitches after perioral mastopexy? Will the waviness and wrinkles around areola disappear?

I am now 6 Weeks after Ba and perioareal mastopexy. I can see waviness and wrinkles around my nipples. I recently noticed that I can feel the sutura... READ MORE

Is there a surgeon out who can remove the permanent Gore-Tex suture from my benelli lift for a reasonable cost?

I can feel it under my skin. It causes burning sensations, itching, and sensitivity. I can't live with the discomfort anymore & want to have it... READ MORE

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