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How can I make my saggy breasts perkier and fuller without any form of surgery?

I'm 17 and overweight. I'm not sure if I want any lifts or implants when I get older. I don't have any form of cleavage and they basically sit far... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Lift my Saggy Breasts?

For as long as I can remember my breasts have looked this way (even at a healthy weight prior to gain). I'm 19yrs old & they look as if they... READ MORE

Is a Circumareolar Breast Lift Needed for Perky, Natural Looking Breasts?

Hello, I'm 25 years old, 5'4", 120 pounds, never had kids. I'm wearing 36A cup bra and want small C cup breast silicone implants... READ MORE

Should I Get a Breast Lift if I Plan on Having More Children?

This is what has happened to my once perky C cup breasts after one pregnancy and breast feeding for 7 weeks. I do know it is best to wait until after... READ MORE

Will Breasts Stay Perky with a Lift Without Implants?

I'm a 21 yr old mom. Pregnancy isn't so great on breasts. I went from 34DD-34C(current size). I'm ok with the size. I just want my breasts to be more... READ MORE

What do perky C cups really look like? (photo)

I'm a C cup but my breasts are super saggy and my areolas are extremely enlarged. I had a consult with a plastic surgeon about getting a reduction +... READ MORE

Will a Breast Lift Help Me Achieve a Better Shape?

I'm 18, i feel that my nipples are too low. i wish my breast were perkier. i think there is plenty of volume in my breast, i just don't like the fact... READ MORE

Breform Or Doughnut Lift? (photo)

Hello there, I'm 24 years old and work as a glamour model. I have recently lost a big of weight and my breasts have dropped from a natural 32ff to a... READ MORE

What Type of Breast Lift Do I Need? (photo)

I want to do a lift but was recently taken aback on consult because the doctor suggested a lift with implants. At my heaviest I can go up to a 38G cup... READ MORE

Will Breasts Appear Smaller After Lift without Implants or Look Bigger because They'll Look Perkier?

I'm a big C cup and I'm happy with my cup size, I don't want implants but I don't want them to change size. Is it true that they look... READ MORE

I Have 36DD's That Sag but Look Great in a Bra. How Do I Keep the Perkiness and No Sag Without a Bra? (photo)

I'd prefer to remain a DD. Do I need a lift alone or a lift and augmentation? My areolas are a bit larger than preferred as well. 23 years old No... READ MORE

Young Perky Breasts. How To Maintain Without Excising Skin? (photo)

Is there a way to maintain breast perkiness without excising skin? My breasts are natural and originally sat too high on my chest accordingly I... READ MORE

Can I Get Anchor Breast Lift Without Breast Implants?

I'm 5'4,124 pounds and 34A bra size. With the lift I just want to see my breasts higher on the chest with reposition and reduction of the areola so my... READ MORE

Would Vertical Lift Yield Perky Better Shaped Breast? (photo)

Stats: Donut lift, 350cc(R),400(L)silicone unders. Was adamant in stating I wanted perky breasts not larger & saggier breasts. Expressed concerns... READ MORE

Are There Any Other Options Than a Lollipop Lift for my Sagging Breasts? (photo)

I would like to have my perky breasts back but i don't want the scars or the other side effects of the lollypop lift, are there any other options or... READ MORE

I Want a Fuller Perkier Look to my Already Large Breast, What Would Best Suit my Needs?

So after my pregnancy and breastfeeding with my first child my breasts stayed at a DD. There is quite a bit of hang and am wondering if there is a... READ MORE

I'm Only 19, Does a Breast Lift Seem "Out of the Question"? (photo)

Somehow my breast have become droopy, saggy, and completely different. I was thinking of getting the surgery to lift them...any advice? I want them to... READ MORE

Can I get just a breast lift with small breasts?

I've breastfed two children and now I have quite a lot of deflation, I'd say stage 2 I don't want to get implants because I don't agree with fake... READ MORE

Will a Breast Lift Improve the Appearance of my Breast? (photo)

I'm 32 YO, 34D, have not had children/breastfed (and won't). I have always hated the appearance of my breasts and would like to do something... READ MORE

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