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Breast Lift Installment Payment Plan?

What happens if you can't fully pay for the Breast lift. Can you make a plan to pay the bill bit by bit till you complete it? READ MORE

When You Get a Breast Lift Surgery Do You Have to Pay the Full Cost of the Surgery at Once or Can You Pay in Installments?

I'm asking this question because I really want the surgery,but I don't think I can pay the cost all at once. READ MORE

Will a "Donut" Lift with Augmentation Work for Me? (photo)

Areolas have alwz been lrg but seems they got lrger wen i stopped breastfeeding as my breasts grew extreamly lrg,then deflated.When my breasts were... READ MORE

Do Doctors Offer Payment Plans Independent of Financing Companies?

I am going to get a breast lift. IF I DID NOT qualify for any type of financing plan, would the office have their own payment plan? What would those... READ MORE

How much would a breast lift cost in Los Angeles, California? What type of payment plans are there?

Hi I recently turned 18 and have lost around like 35 pounds which left me with saggy breasts. I also unfortunately make minimum wage, but would really... READ MORE

What to do with my sagging boobs? (photo)

I'm 18 and my boob size differs because of the shape of my boobs they grew very quickly and are extremely heavy they hurt a lot this is affecting my... READ MORE

Are payment plans an option for breast lift?

After my high school years I gained 50 pounds then lost it all, I'm 25 now and I want a breast lift as soon as possible. I can pay half, or more than... READ MORE

How much does a Breast lift cost?

I am thinking about getting a breast lift as well as an areola reduction. How much would the procedure cost and what would the best payment option be?... READ MORE

Need to know if there is a doctor willing to work with ODSP client? (Photo)

How do I fund a breast lift, since I am only on ODSP. Is there Doctor's that take monthly payments? I need a breast lift. I am 38y/o female, 1... READ MORE

If you can make my breasts look more full at the top and make them more perky. Cost. And payments? (photo)

I'm a 21 year old female that has size DD36 breasts and I wants to get them lifted and shaped. I have a picture of the breasts I would like to have... READ MORE

I'd like to get a breast lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

Not sure how much it would cost but would I be able to make payments every month? And if I where to do it will my areola be moved upwards? And how... READ MORE

Should I lose weight before getting a breast lift? Are there payment plans for these type of procedures?

Hi my name is Monique, and I weigh about 250 and I'm about 5'7. My weight has been up and down. I usually lose weight than gain, lose weight than gain... READ MORE

What type of payment services are available? (photo)

For a breast lift with a small reduction, what would the payments look like a month? In Northern Virginia/ New York what are the costs? READ MORE

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