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Which over the Counter Silicone Sheeting and or Paper Tape Do You Recommend for TT and Breast Lift Scars?

I have read many of you recommend Silicone Sheets (they need be applied less often correct?) and Or Paper Tape... For the Tummy Tuck scars and Breast... READ MORE

How Can I Improve my Saggy Deflated Breasts?

How can I fix my breasts? They are deflated and saggy after breastfeeding. As every other women i would like to avoid scarring from lifts, but am... READ MORE

Can my Breasts Be Lifted Without Implants? (photo)

I've nursed three children and had a 70 lb. weight loss that have left me with lots of excess skin & sagging. Once I reach my goal weight,... READ MORE

What Has Caused my Breast Ptosis? What Are my Options? (Photos)

I recently put up pictures wondering what was wrong with my breasts as they sag & are not the right shape. The outcome from many answers was that... READ MORE

How Can I Tighten and Decrease my Breast? They Are Very Heavy and Hanging.

How Can I Tighten and Decrease my Breast? They Are Very Heavy and Hanging. READ MORE

What are My Breast Lift Options? (Photo)

I have 36 C/d sized breast, 5'1" 135 lbs 38 yrs old with 2 kids. I need a lift but don't want the scar. I like the perky look of my... READ MORE

Which is the Best Breast Lift Option for Me?

After having a child my breasts are no longer a perky 32D and my areolas are huge. I'm interested in getting them lifted without implants. I'd... READ MORE

Small/saggy Breast at Age 21. Options to Breast Lift Without Cutting Areola?

I am pretty young, only 21 years old. I have smaller, saggy breasts and I am considering getting a breast lift but i'm not sure what specific kind... READ MORE

Had the Benelli Lift with Implants. I Am Really Disappointed in the Scarring and I Am Embarassed of my Breast? (photo)

Can a revision be done to fix the scarring and irregular borders of my surgery. I am soo embrassed of my breasts and I do not want anyone to see them!... READ MORE

Nipple Sloughed Off From Necrosis Following Mastopexy.....normal? (photo) [graphic]

I had mini mastopexy on Dec. 14th. I can clearly see the left nipple has necrosed and sloughed off but my doctor keeps reassuring that this is normal... READ MORE

Breast Lift Without Incisions Around Areola?

If extreme sagginess is not a problem (e.g. mid-20s, athletic adult who has not gone through pregnancy), is it possible to get a breast lift without... READ MORE

How to Fix Bottomed Out Breast Lift with out Implants?

I had a breast lift (no implants) 3+ months ago. I now have very high nipples. I also have oval nipples apparently from the weight at the bottom of... READ MORE

Painful Scar Two Years Post Breast Lift

I had a breast lift/reduction done almost 2 years ago. The scar on one side is still painful, itchy and it has been two years since the surgery. I was... READ MORE

Is There An Operation to Make Your Breasts Closer Together?

Is there an operation that can make my breasts closer together? Could this be done as part of a breast lift? Thank you READ MORE

Can I Get a Lift and Keep my Implants?

I got my implants in 1995 and have had no problems with them whatsoever. But, they are sagging a bit and I'm wondering if it's possible to... READ MORE

Sagging, Uneven Breasts After Weight Loss - Surgical Options?

I lost 50 pounds this year and am concerned now that my breasts are not even, and they sag. what procedures would be recommended that cause the least... READ MORE

Hard Painful Breast with Fat Necrosis After Lift - What to Do?

I had a breastlift 3 months ago and experienced necrosis. I lost my nipple but it has grown back with the exception of one side that has a dime size... READ MORE

Which Procedure is Best for Saggy Breasts For a 22 Year Old? (photo)

I'm 22 years old and my breast sag and lay nearly flat on my chest. Bending to the front makes them look like cow utters and laying back they look... READ MORE

What Options do I Have for a Breast Lift after Breast Feeding? (photo)

I am 135lb, age 28, 5'3". I am considering a breast lift. I am Currently a 34D, and with a bra on...the girls look great. Nude, not so much.... READ MORE

16 With Saggy Breasts, What Are My Options To Make Them Look Fuller?

I have had saggy breasts for a few years now, going up and down on my weight. I am so self concious about this and i really want to do something aout... READ MORE

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