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Hard and Numb Breast After Breast Lift - is It Normal?

I had a breast lift 1,1/2 weeks ago. They had to go twice in my right breast as I developed a hematoma, which they had to drain (its fine now, hardly... READ MORE

Day 5 Donut Bennelli Lift with Implants? (photo)

Please help. I had round block sutures donut lift with hi profile 300cc under the muscle textured silicone. I feel sick looking at myself after my... READ MORE

Should my nipples look like this after breast lift? (photos)

Breast lift, full anchor three weeks ago. Right breast is mostly numb, barely any swelling in either, but left nipple is "puffy" since surgery, right... READ MORE

Pain and Numbness in Arm After Anchor Lift w/ Augmentation

I had an anchor lift w/ augmentation on 3/18/11. Within about a week and half I started getting pain in my left armpit that went down my entire arm. I... READ MORE

Pain on Insicion Site, Extreme Skin Sensitivity, Still Numbness at Bottom of Breast, is This Normal 3 Weeks Post-op BA?

18 days PO recovering from a B. augmentation with periareolar lift, I barely removed all of the bandages off of my areolas yesterday. I'm having sharp... READ MORE

Nipple Numbness after Benilli Lift

I had benilli lift with 370 cc's 3 1/2 months ago. It was a great job, even according ob/gyn. Really hard recovery. I am still having incision... READ MORE

Numbness to Breast After Post Op Seroma After Breast Lift and Augmentation

8 weeks post op breast lift with augmentation under the muscle. Two weeks post op experienced seroma on the left side of the left breast. Prior to the... READ MORE

Had Third Breast Revision 2 Weeks Ago, My Right Breast is Numb All Over. Normal?

Two weeks ago, I had my third breast revision. The surgeon performed an open capsulectomy, placed an ACM on the lower part of my breast and performed... READ MORE

Is food related to swollen breasts?

I just had a breast lifting surgery 2 weeks ago, my 2 breasts are numb and itching, i have swollen nipples, my dr said i should reduce salt... READ MORE

I recently had a breast lift. Now, one of my areolas is disfigured after surgery. Do I need corrective surgery?

I had a breast lift, (lollipop), fat removal ( lipo in upper chest), as well as 255 cc silicon implants inserted under the muscle of each breast. I am... READ MORE

Is numbness in the breast common after a breast lift with underarm liposuction?

I had a breast lift/reduction with liposuction of my sides just under my arms 8 weeks ago. I have no feeling on the outside third of both breasts and... READ MORE

Herniated cervical, carpal tunnel and dequarvain syndrome..and plastic surgery?

A few years ago I was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel and dequarvain syndrome and also rupture/slip disc in my neck. Its a 2 level c-4 to c-6... READ MORE

Breast lift anchor method. Lump with no feeling

I had a breast lift with the anchor method. My right was bigger than the left. I did NOT get implants. I have a lump in my right breast and no feeling... READ MORE

I have a Mastopexy booked, but I'm worried about methods and numbing nipples. Will I lose all sensation?

I have a mastopexy booked for October 1st over here in England. I've been for a consultation, had 3D simulations and have been really happy with the... READ MORE

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