No Scarring + Breast Lift

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Are There Options For a Breast Lift Without Evidence Of Surgery or Scarring?

What procedure could be done for a breasts lift which will not leave evidence of cosmetic surgery or scaring. I have seen videos and I am afraid of... READ MORE

How do surgeons feel about Dr. Becker's scarless inner mesh bra breast lift technique?

Will there be a successful scarless breast lift technique invented in my life time? READ MORE

I Was Trying to Decided if I Would Be a Good Canidate for a Subareolar Mastopexy or Periareolar Mastopexy? (photo)

I have round, small, saline breast implant that were done in 2003. I am an D-DD right now, and would like to be a true DD, so I want to swithch out my... READ MORE

Horndeski Method? No scars, why aren't more doctors using this method?

Have yet to get my first major plastic surgery done. I am told i will need a Vertical Breast lift. I search up many methods so i can understand it all... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a benelli lift + fat grafting ? ( I refuse implants and want to avoid scars )

I am 24 ( 63 kg ) and suffering from tuburuos breast condition. I finally decided to do surgery but i really can't put silicone inside my body, end up... READ MORE

I would like to have a breast lift with no implants and no lollipop or anchor scarring. (Photo)

My question: Is it possible to have a breast lift w/o implants and those Lollipop or anchor scars? I have very nice and natural breast and I will want... READ MORE

Why do more plastic surgeons not offer implant free internal bra breast lifts like Dr. Becker in Florida?

Dr. Becker is known for scarless breast lift. His scars are around the areola but his breast lifts are use with internal bra. READ MORE

Am I able to get a donut lift? I don't want the horrible scaring of a lollipop lift? (Photo)

These pictures are from me being 2 month post pregancy . I'm 22 and 5'3 and 120 pounds. I'm still young and will have more kids in the far future so... READ MORE

Scarless breast lift? (Photos)

I wanted to know what can be done about my boobs!!!! Theyre terrible I know.... I wanted breast implants and I was hoping to avoid a lift but if its... READ MORE

What sort of Breast Lift would I need? (photos)

Obviously I want minimal scarring but sometimes a nice shape isn't not achievable without major incisions. Preferably I would like a peri areola lift.... READ MORE

Am I able to have breast lift without vertical scar after a breast reduction in 2003? (Photo)

Okay, I had a breast reduction in 2003. Now they have sagged due to a pregnancy in 2009 and time. I would like a breast lift, but without the vertical... READ MORE

Seeking breast lift natural fat transfer NO scar or HIDDEN SCAR for extremely saggy breasts is this possible for my breast?

I've had two sets of twins and 5 year old my breasts are extremely saggy and I would love to have a lift with fat transfer to my breast to have full... READ MORE

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