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Saggy Breasts After Weightloss? (photo)

Hi! I've recently lost 20 kg and am wondering what kind of lift i will need? I'm also possibly interested in a small implant to add just a bit more... READ MORE

Would just a breast lift help me look more youthful and natural? (photos)

I don't care about size, I just want to get rid of the sagging and extra skin. Im 5'2 200lbs (currently losing weight) I've always been 135lbs but... READ MORE

Whats Wrong with a "Lack of Lift" I.e Benelli....isnt That a Natural Look?

According to several PS and reseach, IMF should be 3cm or less for a benelli. According to several PS a large implant will not give a lift it will... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lift and Shape Very Small Breasts?

I hav implants a 32d. I have a lift on 1 breast result was optima.I would like to explant because I prefer small breasts and do not want future... READ MORE

Shadow/implant Outline Slightly Visible in Lower Pole About an Inch Up from Inframam. Incision

My goals with the surgeon, was to achieve a natural look, work in lower pole and create one in the right breast whose crease was about an inch higher... READ MORE

Will a periareolar lift work for me? (Photo)

I would like a beautiful and full breast. With a higher, but natural look. Thank you. READ MORE

I would love to know this new technique of breast lift with galaflex is this the best procedure of natural looking and long-term

Any docs recommend fat transfer with breast lift and galaflex and if so what would the procedure be price range ? Any pictures put their ? READ MORE

After 2 pregnancies my body changed. Do I have enough breast for a lift? My goal is to remain as natural as possible. (photo)

Is a breast lift an option I have? Would a mini tuck change the extra abdomen skin issue? I workout very often and it will not improve. READ MORE

Breast Lift types without Augmentation? (Photos)

I am really not wanting implants if at all possible. I am not very dissatisfied with my breasts, but plan to get a tummy tuck. So, I think once the... READ MORE

Would I benefit from full anchor lift or could I get away with none? (Photo)

32 y/o, 2 children both breastfeed. Had my first child at 17 yrs old, and hated my lifeless breasts every since. Had 2 consults with PS, one thought I... READ MORE

I want a lift for sure, but would I be a good candidate for breast reduction with a lift? (Photos)

So I'm not 100% sure what size I am because whenever I go to Victoria's Secret they always measure me as DDD but I feel like that's off. I would like... READ MORE

For tear drop shaped breasts, would just a Breast Lift work or do I need Implants too? (photos)

32yrs old, five pregnancies, breasted each one, multiple ups and downs in weight over the years. I'm 5'4" and 210lbs. I plan to lose 80 lbs by my... READ MORE

Could anyone give me breast surgery suggestions ? (Photo)

They're pretty big, about a DD. I like the size I would just like them perkier, lifted, and more even but I would really like a natural look. I'm 18. READ MORE

Can I achieve a full B cup without a lift & if I need a Breast Lift, would a Benelli work? (photo)

I think I have glandular ptosis. I'm 33 years old, and now that I'm done having kids I would like implants to fix the "deflated" look. I... READ MORE

Is there such a thing as too much lift? (Photo)

I am 5'7 175lb, 33 years old with no children. I have gone to multiple consultations and received multiple different ideas about what is the best... READ MORE

Will I get away with perky breasts with a donut lift? (Photo)

I'm trying to avoid as much scarring as possible but I really want to have perky natural looking breasts, what kind of lift would I have to go for? READ MORE

Do I have enough volume in my breast to just get a lift, or do I need a lift with implants? (Photos)

I'm 42 years old and have not had any children (no plans to), but my breasts don't have the same perkiness they had when I was young. I would love to... READ MORE

I would like to have a breast lift with no implants and no lollipop or anchor scarring. (Photo)

My question: Is it possible to have a breast lift w/o implants and those Lollipop or anchor scars? I have very nice and natural breast and I will want... READ MORE

Is it best to do Breast Lift first then wait and do Augmentation in future?

To achieve natural looking, fuller - but not large - breasts on my petite frame 5'3.5", 98 #, age 50, I am considering doing the breast lift first and... READ MORE

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