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Natural Breast Lift

I have sagging boobs and want to know what treatment is available. I don't want to do cosmetic surgery. READ MORE

Is a Circumareolar Breast Lift Needed for Perky, Natural Looking Breasts?

Hello, I'm 25 years old, 5'4", 120 pounds, never had kids. I'm wearing 36A cup bra and want small C cup breast silicone implants... READ MORE

Young Perky Breasts. How To Maintain Without Excising Skin? (photo)

Is there a way to maintain breast perkiness without excising skin? My breasts are natural and originally sat too high on my chest accordingly I... READ MORE

Can I get just a breast lift with small breasts?

I've breastfed two children and now I have quite a lot of deflation, I'd say stage 2 I don't want to get implants because I don't agree with fake... READ MORE

Should I Have my Implants Placed Under the Muscle and Get a Lift?

I'm 21 5'6" 115 pounds mother of 2. I had 450 cc high profile saline implants placed above the muscle. The size is exactly what I wanted.... READ MORE

Another Breast Lift Needed when Replacing Saline Implants?

I'm 5'2" and 120 lbs. I had a breast lift with teardrop shaped Saline breast implants two years ago. I was told by my plastic surgeon that the... READ MORE

How is Natural Breast Lifts and Augmentation Done?

I recently saw a video on Web MD informing there is a new technique out for a natural Breast lift/augmentation, which is essentially a two for one... READ MORE

What are my options for sagging breasts? I don't want implants (Photo)

After giving birth of my two children, my breast are so ugly and one is bigger than the other. I feel so bad I can't dress without a bra. I want to... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift with or without implants? I'm 20, 5'7" and currently a 36DD cup. (photos)

I am 20 5ft7 female. My breasts started sagging and I want to fix it before it gets worse. I want my breast to seat higher and remain looking natural... READ MORE

Is there any way to avoid square boobs after a lift? What makes you more or less likely to have this effect?

So I've been looking into getting a breast lift for some time now. I'm 18 and I've pretty much always had somewhat saggy boobs. I really want to get a... READ MORE

I am looking for a PS that specializes in women with natural breasts. I am looking into have a breast lift. Any suggestions?

What kind of procedure would you suggest? I am nervous about surgery & scars, and want to minimize them. I am a 32 F, have had large boobies since age... READ MORE

What steps can be taken to better preserve the results of a breast lift (natural B/C cup size, no implants)? (Photo)

I had a bilateral mastopexy no implants last week, my breasts had gone through 3 pregnancies, each breastfed, and were deflated to the point where I... READ MORE

Can the inframammary crease of a natural breast be raised along with the areola and tissue mound lift? (photos)

Is armpit tissue removed?Not only has the breast mound descended in my 60 years but the inframammary fold has always set low on my chest. I would like... READ MORE

I have had a breast uplift 1 year ago I'm an E cup naturally?

I am getting them done again soon as they have sagged and areola has stretched. Do you suggest going smaller to get a better uplift. If I went down to... READ MORE

Day 5 - Breasts are less swollen. The coconut/cone shape without natural fold worried me. (photos)

Will they fall naturally into shape? 32DD before, BL without implant, anchor with short horizontal line 1. I saw many of fantastic result/shape even... READ MORE

Is there a natural way to lift your breasts?

Okay, so I'm 18 and have a 36DD. They aren't particularly saggy or anything just really heavy and aren't perky, they kinda point south. I also work out. READ MORE

What do I need for my breasts to look more like they did prior to breastfeeding two babies? (photo)

13 years ago I had a breast redux, that left me a 36d/dd. Now am a full 36d but if I continue to lose a bit more weight which I will likely end up a... READ MORE

Naturally high nipple placement, should I consider a lift with explantation? (Photos)

47 yrs old and plan to explant my 11 year old Mentor saline implants, 350cc, periareolar incision, under the muscle. Prior to BA I was 34B, now 34D.... READ MORE

Really want a lift without an implant. Am I a good candidate? Do I have enough breast tissue to pull off a decent lift? (photo)

I wear a 32 D in Victoria secret bras and I don't want to be bigger. I just want a more youthful look since nursing my three children has left me very... READ MORE

What would I need and how much time and money? (Photos)

Ive gone from almost 400 lbs to 279 pounds. Im still working towards a goal of 230. During this time my body has changed alot. I lost my butt and no... READ MORE

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