Mastopexy + Breast Lift

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Can Horizontal Incision After Anchor Mastopexy Be Minimized?

Is there any way to minimize the horizontal incision after an anchor style Mastopexy? I'm very unhappy with this scar and I wasn't expecting such a... READ MORE

Can I have sex 1 week after mastopexy? Would gentle, comfortable, sex REALLY affect my results?

I'm a healthy 21 yr old & had a breast lift(no implants) done at UCLA 8 days ago. I only mild discomfort & I'm no longer on pain meds & antibiotics.... READ MORE

I'm interested in a breast lift but would rather not have an implant - which type of mastopexy would be best for me? (photo)

I want really very perky "ski slope" breasts like the pics attached - also worried about scarring as I have dark skin - I live in London, UK but am... READ MORE

Incision Split Got Alot Worse and Now Infected with Flesh Bulging out? (photo)

Im 4 weeks post op uplift and implants. My incision split 4 days ago (1st picture) it was cleaned and dressed but has got alot worse- it now looks as... READ MORE

How Soon After Mastoplexy Can I Get an Augmentation? (photo)

I had a breast lift on July 22. I had cellulitis 20 days post-op, skin sagging bilaterally on the sides of the breast and my incision scars are well,... READ MORE

Mastopexy Scaring revised (again)? How long should I wait to have another revision?(photos)

Hello! I'm looking to see if I should have some scaring revised for the second time? My surgery was done in May 2011 ~ I had scar tissue removed in... READ MORE

Both Breasts Heal Differently After Mastopexy

4 weeks after I had a mastopexy both breasts look completely different. The healing process of one of the breasts goes much quicker. One breast is... READ MORE

Mastopexy & augmentation pain six weeks post op?

I had a mastopexy with augmentation about 6 weeks ago and am still in quite a bit of pain. My breasts are constantly sore and hurt to touch! Ibuprofen... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I Need a Mastopexy if I'm Hearing Different Opinions in Different Consultations?

I have gone to three consults. All have different views. One said I would need a mastopexy on one breast and another doctor said its bit necessary.... READ MORE

Are hematoma normal after breast lift? (photos)

I am two weeks post op from a mastopexy only. No augmentation. Four days ago I noticed bruising around vertical incision that began bleeding dark... READ MORE

What is the Lump I'm Feeling Inside my Left Breast?

I had a Mastoplexy with implants 2 1/2 weeks ago and iv just felt a lump under the skin, around the underneath incision line, I think it's movable but... READ MORE

Explain the Difference Between Mastopexy and a Benelli Lift Please?

I was told I was going to get a maxtopasy but the incision would be like a donut now are the incisions for a Benelli lift the same? READ MORE

Do you think this dehiscent scars post mastopexy (with no implants) can be fixed with surgery? (photos)

It's been ten months and a half. I did spit many stitche Sbut it's not only that, it seems to be my skin. (Oh, and I did gain weight after the... READ MORE

Do I 'Have' to Have my Breast Reduced? I Just Want a Mastoplexy. If So, How Much Cup Will I Lose? I Want to Keep my Hourglass.

I want a breast uplift as for my age my breast are voluptuous but they droop. I'm 32GG/34G and the surgeon told me I'd have to get my breasts reduced.... READ MORE

What are my options after a mastopexy left one breast hard and a different shape/size? I didn't get implants.

What are my options? I had a reduction at the age of 18 and had great results. I had a mastopexy 4 months ago (at age of 39) and have one breast that... READ MORE

What type of lift would you recommend? Can I avoid the anchor scar? (photos)

I have been told by a surgeon that I have 'lower pole droop' and that the volume in my breast has dropped below the crease. The skin is also a lot... READ MORE

Can a vertical Breast Lift scar be avoided in my case? (photos)

Hi, I always wanted to have implants because i always felt my breast don't match my body (i'm all tall and big, and i don't feel them big enough). The... READ MORE

Crescent Mastopexy vs Full Mastopexy? (photo)

Am I a candidate for a Crescent Mastopexy vs. a full lift with an augmentation? I want to pursue the augmentation and would prefer something less... READ MORE

What would be the recommendation on procedures for my breasts? (photo)

I read a question from a woman with breasts similar to mine, and one of the surgeons that answered suggested a fat grafting. Is this realistic? I am... READ MORE

I am 21 days post full anchor lift mastopexy with under muscle augmentation. How long can this swelling remain?

I have considerable swelling remaining in between the breasts causing the breasts to look abnormal from some angles, almost like the cleavage is... READ MORE

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