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I Just Had a Mastopexy Today with Augmentation. When Can I Unwrap and Shower?

I just had a mastopexy today with augmentation. I have not unwrapped them yet and have some questions. When can I unwrap the ace and take a shower.... READ MORE

Breast Are Not Together. How Can I massage Them So They Aren't So Far Apart?

My age is 21. i have a 32A cup size of breast. my breast sag a little and they are not towards the center please tell how should i massage my breast... READ MORE

Scar Management after Breast lift

I am wondering if massaging the breasts and incisions with phytaoil for few minutes, leaving it to dry and then applying Healgel Intensive over the... READ MORE

I Have Read Many Stories on One Boob Dropping and One Being Hard? I Had Breast Surgery March 22.

One boob had a lift, the other didn't. The one that had the lift is having a time dropping and is hard. Can anyone tell me if they've experienced... READ MORE

Should I massage breast scars after lift?

Had an anchor lift on Nov. 16. No implants. Sutures out. Beautiful work. Still pretty sore. Have significant hard lumps, about 1.5-2" wide, all along... READ MORE

Weird Shape and Swelling Pain Returning, Will Massage Help? (photo)

I am going into my fourth week after lift with implants, I know it's too soon to determine final contour but even at this stage I am concerned with... READ MORE

Deep scar indentations after a lollipop reduction. How long does it take for all internal sutures to dissolve? (Photo)

Aesthetically my breasts look O.K. However underneath my breasts,the indentations are deep and painful.i can feel the odd suture. I'am massaging twice... READ MORE

Are my breasts tuberous? Can any exercise/ massage improve their appearance (without surgery)? (Photo)

I am 27 yrs old and wear 34 d size, unmarried, no pregnancy yet. I had lost weight on and off and was active in sports. I am concerned about my saggy... READ MORE

Puckering and hyperpigmentation around Areolas. (photos)

I am 11 weeks post Periareola lift and have just been to see my PS who recommended massage . I have some puckering around the Areolas and also scar... READ MORE

Tape vs gel? (Photos)

I'm using a silicone gel massaged into incisions twice daily. My doc didn't recommend strips or tape but it seems like that's what everyone else does.... READ MORE

Red irritated spot on benelli scar. What can I do to calm this area down? (Photo)

7 months postop benelli lift, only area with pleating, tried massaging area for a few weeks, but stopped when spot became irritated. All bras irritate... READ MORE

Strange coloured discharge from left breast after recent mastopexy. Doing well otherwise. (Photo)

Had L balancing mastopexy June 20, 2016 along with some work on R breast (created from DIEPMarch 2015). There is a wee bit of quite bright yellow... READ MORE

I had a lollipop breast lift about 5 months ago. Have you seen a scar reduction with patients massaging scar?

Is there any type of electrical massager I can buy to do this? It does get a bit tiring after all. Also, this may be a strange question to some but it... READ MORE

Sharp shooting pain after mastopexy no implants seven months ago

I have gotten pains her and there in both my breast. Today however, its often and very sharp. I massage the breast and it helps. I am afraid its... READ MORE

How does pressure on scars (specifically breast lift) affect their healing? I understand genetics play a part in scarring but...

Regarding the healing of scars after a breast lift w augmentation: I am confused about how pressure affects scarring. One one hand, it seems pressure... READ MORE

Should I massage/mess with scar/crease/flap that's been created? Could it be glue pinching skin together? Suggest gels/creams?

Im just under 3 wks post breast lift. Steri tape is just now beginning to peel up. Noticed just under one breast that some skin is now hardened and... READ MORE

Breast uplift scars 10 months. (photo)

I'm worried they will never get any better than this! It has been ten months and they still seems quite red and raised. I'm currently doing a hard... READ MORE

Do I have a contracture?

Hi. I had a breast lift with small under the breast implants about 3 months ago. My PS has told me the implants are sitting high and advised more... READ MORE

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