Loose Skin + Breast Lift

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Advice for Sagging Breasts After Weight Loss?

I am 29 and have recently lost 100 lbs. I have always had large breasts (46 DDD) now that I have lost the weight I feel so insecure, my chest is saggy... READ MORE

How Much Cup Size Do You Lose with a Breast Lift?

I did a tummy tuck after losing 100 pds and am now wanting to lift my breasts. I was a 40E before and always had larger breast even before becoming... READ MORE

Needing a Second Breast Lift

I lost 70 lbs (had enormous breasts, am now a small D)and then had a breast lift 8 months ago. I have been leaning out even more since then and my... READ MORE

Male Mastopexy

After losing roughly 80 pounds over the course of a few years beginning back in early 2007, I was left with a bit of extra skin on the chest which... READ MORE

I had a mastopexy with breast implants 6 months ago and now the skin has loosened. Do I Need Another Breast Lift?

I had a mastopexy with breast implants 6 months ago. Since they have settled it seems like a little more skin needs to be removed. The upper pole skin... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Look Good with Just a Lift and No Implants? (photo)

I lost weight and now the skin is loose and I want them to look good.I dont know how much I would lose in a lift and I would like them to be perky. I... READ MORE

Considering breast lift- what happens to the fat in armpit and bra bulge?

I'm 39 and slim. Bra size is 32D or 34C. My problem is not just my breasts, but loose skin on my back and fat around the armpit- enough to grab. No... READ MORE

Breast Lifts: Anyway I Could Get One at a Discount/could my Case Be Special? (photo)

I am only 21, but the skin of my breasts has been very loose and wrinkly since my teens.They sag completely down and no matter what, most bras are... READ MORE

Breast: Loose Skin, Sunken Striae Post-30lb Loss. Options?

After a 30-lb weight loss, the edges where my breasts attach to my body are marked by sunken stretch marks, especially on the tops and inner edges.... READ MORE

Mastopexy and Augmentation Before Kids?

I lost allot of weight a few years ago the result no breasts, very saggy loose skin. Im 32 went in for few consults to see if im a candidate and... READ MORE

Will my implant fill in the loose skin I still have left over after my Breast Lift and Implant surgery two weeks ago? (photo)

I had a lolipop breast lift as well as 480cc implant placed under the muscle about two weeks ago. I feel as if my skin is still too saggy and that the... READ MORE

I'm looking into getting a breast lift. What are my best options to get minimal scaring and the quickest recovery time? (photos)

I'm looking into getting a breast lift I've lost a total of 65 pounds, and my main concern is loose skin I went from being a 46 DD to a 38DD I am also... READ MORE

Should I Have a Breast Lift Before an Arm Lift?

I had Vaser lipo done on my upper arms and upper back and the skin did not retract well at all. It has been over a year. There is loose skin between... READ MORE

Would getting an internal bra solve my problem? (photo)

Im 17 years old and as a kid i was always over weight. I eventually lost about 60 pounds & my skin isnt as tight as it was. ive used creams but it... READ MORE

After feeding my breast is so loose please give me non-surgical option as massage, cream, exercise etc. for my loose breast?

I am 28 year old women and 2 year old child mother. i don't do our surgery for my financial problem. please give me right suggestion READ MORE

Is there a way for me to get a breast lift without having the vertical Lollipop Scar? (photos)

Weight gain and loss when I was younger left me with some loose skin, so 12 years ago I had implants put in primarily to get a lift. They were lower... READ MORE

Where can I find a doctor for a breast lift near Hartford, Connecticut?

I am 60 years old and my breasts are very saggy loose skin would like to have them lifted and full what is recovery time and what would the cost be,... READ MORE

Which procedure will lift large, saggy breasts that are mostly loose skin, and not tissue? Would there be extensive scarring?

I recently lost a lot of weight, and my breasts are very saggy. My cup size fluctuated between DD and D for a while, and now I'm estimating that it's... READ MORE

What type of breast lift would I benefit the most from? (photos)

I had a baby a couple months ago and there is all this loose skin in my breasts. It was like the inflated then deflated lol now they're almost kinda... READ MORE

is a lift my only option? (photos)

I've had implants under the muscle for 8 years. They've sagged and look very odd. I see a surgeon and he advised I have a lift aswell as implants or... READ MORE

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