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Will Stretch Marks Change the Outcome of a Breast Lift?

My breasts grew very rapidly aroun the age of 12. Since then I have had stretch marks around my entire breast. I am interested in getting a breast... READ MORE

What Do You Know About The Semielastic Scarless Serdev Suture Breast Lift?

I have been considering a breast lift, but am concerned about scarring and loss of sensation in the nipple. Today I found a procedure called the... READ MORE

How long after surgery I need to be off phentermine after Breast lift?

I am curious to see how long after surgery I need to be off phentermine? I stopped 2 weeks before & I am now 3 days post op. Is it safe to start them... READ MORE

How long does it take for transparent stitches to dissolve?

I'm saying transparent because I recently had a breast lift done, and I can actually feel the Stitch sticking out and i can see it. And is transparent... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift and Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time? What's the best sleep positions for breast/BBL post op?(photo)

I want to have breast implants explantation (I have silicone for more than 10 years) I don't want implants anymore, I want full lift (anchor) to make... READ MORE

How Long Will my Lift with No Implants Last?

I have a D cup and I'm wondering how long will the lift (with no implants) last with no sagging? I understand they might sag again after pregnancy. READ MORE

Breast Lift Longevity Concerns?

Hi there! I am new to this site and my question is this: I am 5'6", 150 lbs and want to be 130 lbs before surgery so that it doesn't affect my breast... READ MORE

Longevity of the Bellesoma/Horndeski method for breast lift?

Could I expect to see weird sagging in the long run using the Bellesoma breast lift? I notice some ladies do not have their incisions at the bottom in... READ MORE

Nipple sensitivity after a breast lift. Is this normal?

I would like to have a breast lift, I am a bit worried about the sensitivity on my nipples afterwards. How long after the surgery will I have... READ MORE

Do i need a breast lift or implants? Does a breast lift last as long as implants? (Photo)

I am now 24years old ihave had three children since i was 17years old and my breasts have fallen, softened, and deflated. I used to be a 38DD before... READ MORE

I am 21 days post full anchor lift mastopexy with under muscle augmentation. How long can this swelling remain?

I have considerable swelling remaining in between the breasts causing the breasts to look abnormal from some angles, almost like the cleavage is... READ MORE

What are the long-term results of the Ultimate Breast Lift lifetime?

What are the long-term results of the UBL like? Is it expected an additional lift will be needed in 10 years? 15? Sooner? How has the UBL held up with... READ MORE

I had breast lift but I'm worried by breast are too separated. Any suggestions? (photo)

I had a breast lift 5 days ago and my breast seem very far apart. Will this alter, can I help them? My ps advised when putting them in the provided... READ MORE

Which b.l. the best and give the most longevity if you maintain weight/don't get pregnant? Please do not include traditional B.l

Which procedure is the b.l with: Lejour, Hall-Findley, Internal bra, or with Auto augmentation ? I basically did my research Hall-Findley is basically... READ MORE

What is the longevity of a breast lift and small reduction without implants?

Hello, what is the longevity of breast lift and small reduction without implant. READ MORE

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