Local Anesthesia + Breast Lift

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Can Lejour Technique Be Done Under Local Anesthesia?

I need breast lift revision performed on one breast only. Can the Lejour technique be performed under local anesthesia in a doctor's office? READ MORE

Uneven areola and nipples. Could this be fixed under local anesthesia? (Photo)

Just had my donut breast lift 2 weeks ago. One side is nice and round, one side is crookets. Could this be fix under local anesthesia. I know it too... READ MORE

I am very disappointed with how much sagging I have after my surgery. What should I do to get what I paid for? (Photo)

Dr wants to do a revised lift and relocate nipple again. If I don't want to pay any more money.. I have to do it under local at his office. And even... READ MORE

What are my chances to get an acceptable asymmetry after a breast lift revision? (Photo)

I had a BL on 08/19/15. I'm not happy with the results bc I find that my breast and areolas are very differently shaped, and I also have areola... READ MORE

Can my breasts be evened out, lifted, and areolas reduced without having a lollipop scar? (photos)

My main concern is how lopsided they are. I would also like to have the areolas much smaller and in a higher position. No kids and never had surgery... READ MORE

Internal breast lift with NO implants & muscle repair?

I recently explanted 2 year old 280cc silicone implants from under the muscle 7 months ago under local anesthesia, no capsule removal. My breasts are... READ MORE

Is it possible/recommended to do a breast lift and liposuction under local anesthesia?

I am currently a 36D, 5'5" athletic build at 155 pounds. After breastfeeding two kids my girls aren't very perky and would like a lift without an... READ MORE

What is considered a good candidate for a crescent lift without implants?

I had my implants removed 3 weeks ago, i absolutely love the size. i was a size D and now a size C. The measurements of both breasts are 23... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a benelli lift/reduction? (photos)

Am I a candidate for an areolar reduction to a normal size, and a small (maybe 2-3cm) lift? I will never breast feed or have children, I'm not very... READ MORE

Do I need a lift and if so can the doctor do it in office under local anesthesia? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation 5 week ago. I wanted a lift at the same time I received the implants but the doctor said I didn't need one. I have seen 2... READ MORE

I had breast lift 2 years ago and he repaired them 2 days ago in office with local. Should I be on blood thinners?

Dr said no blood thinners but I read that I should take blood thinners to reduce blood clot? I have a friend who's son just died of blood clot and I'm... READ MORE

Needing a lift after a bad breast augmentation.

Last July I had breast augmentation. Before I went in I thought I would need a lift also but my surgeon said it wasn't needed. I knew from the first... READ MORE

Follow up: What is considered a good candidate for a crescent lift without implants?

My breasts are a little lower(droopy), i would like a more perky look. this is why i thought a crescent lift would benefit me. is there a lift besides... READ MORE

Can you get good uplift without implants? I have DD/E breasts.

I have DD/E breasts but am looosing weight after having a baby 12 weeks ago. I am thinking of getting a uplift under local and sedation. I want them... READ MORE

Have any doctors performed a breast lift with fat transfer to breast with local anesthetic only?

I have a pretty severe fear of being sedated. I would like to have my breasts evened out, areolas reduced and lifted and fat transferred to them to... READ MORE

I haven't slept for days. BL tomorrow. Can I take 3 benadryl or benadryl and tylenol pm together?

I am having breast lift in the morning. I am terrified that I will wake up during my surgery. I am having iv sedation with a local. I know that an... READ MORE

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