Keloid Scar + Breast Lift

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Risk of Scarring from a Breast Lift with a History of Keloids?

I am interested in having a breast lift. Currently I'm a 34DD, and happy with the fullness and amount of breast tissue that I have. I don't feel that... READ MORE

Revision for Keloid Scars After Breast Lift?

I had a Breast Lift 2 years ago, and the scar is raised and red. What can be done for this scar? Thank you for your time. READ MORE

Risk of Getting Keloid Scars from Breast Lift?

I am interested in breast lift surgery. I'm wondering, will I have a high chance of having keloid scars on my breasts, seeing that both my C-sections... READ MORE

Breast Lift Options for Asian/Hispanic Patient with Tendency to Form Keloid Scars? (Extremely Saggy 34D Breasts) (photo)

I've seen 3 different PS and they all objected to a lift because of my tendency to keloids. They said that having scars like this in perky boobs... READ MORE

Can a Black Woman with History of Keloids Get a Breast Lift?

I'm a black woman intersted in a breast lift without implants ( C cup). I also keloid should I even consider this surgery being that is not for... READ MORE

I Had a Mastectomy and the Scar Healed Beautifully. Other Breast Had a Lift and Healed with Painful Keloids? (photo)

Five years after surgery I still have daily sharp pain and it is difficult if not impossible to wear a bra. Can anything be done to relieve the... READ MORE

I'm 19, my breasts sag and my nipple faces more downward. I also have keloid skin. What are my options? (Photo)

Is laser an option for correction or is there anyway to life the breast without having to be cut. READ MORE

The Best Lift For Skin That Keloids? (photo)

Now that it is pretty much evitable that I will need a lift, wondering what is the best plan of action. I have a history of skin that keloids....from... READ MORE

Breast lift revision needed- help me fix this mess- is my revision picture realistic? (Photo)

Had a benelli lift with implants, have 457 silicone in left and 492 in right. Permanent sutures placed. Surgery 6 mos ago. How do I best fix? Left has... READ MORE

Is this a Keloid scar? Is it not advisable to get a tattoo over Keloid? Any risk in getting a temporary henna tattoo? (Photo)

Hi, I just have the above three questions about this breast lift scar. I am considering camouflaging the scar through a tattoo, either a simple... READ MORE

Will the Extreme Pain and Sensitivity Ever Get Better with Keloid Scarring from a Breast Lift?

Hi there, I recently had corrective surgery for a Breast Lift. The first surgery left me with extremely bad and painful Keloid scarring which I was... READ MORE

Considering a breast lift, but I don't know if it's right for me? (Photo)

I'm 19, & I've always had saggy breasts. It's worsened with weight change. I've dropped 15 lbs since the summer, but my saggy breasts make it... READ MORE

Is There a Less Invasive Method to Perform a Breast Lift Surgery, That Can Minimize the Chances of Getting Keloids?

I had an open cut myomectomy surgery, 6 weeks ago. I saw a ps yesterday and she said my current cut is slightly raised though she can't say its keloid... READ MORE

Is sunburst/vein growth permanent after benelli lift? Are there hopes for me to look normal?

If I ever converted lift to vertical will the vein growth (sunburst ing) ever go away? I also have keloid scars- help!! Am I doomed? I am 6 mos. post... READ MORE

Breast lift on people who keloid. (Photo)

Are there any pictures out there to show me the scarring patterns of A people who like me keloid after having a breast lift. I keloid and want to have... READ MORE

Scarring treatment options following a Breast Lift

I'm scheduled to get a Breast Lift on July 10th, but one major concern can't seem to leave my mind - SCARRING. I had a c-section two years ago, so... READ MORE

Wound Opening Sensation when Swallowing or Breathing Hard?

I have a 15cm wound across my chest after excising 2 keloid and a cyst. On 3Rd week after the surgery, I am experiencing wound opening sensation and... READ MORE

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