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Incision Looks Infected 3 Weeks After Breast Lift- Opinion? (photo)

Hi there, I need some advise on my breast. I had surgery oct 14 th, 2011 (almost 3 weeks ago), My incision doesn't look good, they getting worst.... READ MORE

Breast Lift Alternative for Large Breasts?

I am 5'6" approximately 168 pounds, my breasts are large (about 36 DD), they are fairly full, but due to the heaviness, I have ptosis. I am not... READ MORE

How Much Incision Leakage is Normal After a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

I'm 5 days post-op (anchored incision). I'm having a cloudy bloody (not dark or light) leakage from the incision on my left downward incision... READ MORE

Afraid of Splitting Incisions After Breast Lift

How much time needs to pass to be sure I wont split my incisions after my Breast Lift? I have an anchor-shaped incision. At 8 days post op, the doctor... READ MORE

Small Hole Like Wound Under Breast 1 Month Post Op; What Should I Do?

Im just at a month since my sugery my PS said i could wear underwire bras usually i change in to a sports bra for bed but last night i didnt i woke up... READ MORE

Lump Along Incision After Breast Lift and Augmentation

2 weeks ago I had a benelli breast lift (periareolar breast lift) and augmentation. Today the tape came off and I have a lump on the bottom of my left... READ MORE

Revision Surgery Only 6 Months After First Breast Lift?

Why would my plastic surgery recommend a re-lift only 6 months after my original Breast lift surgery? Isn't that too soon? Could there be a... READ MORE

Lump in Breast Near Breast Lift Scar

I'm kinda worried, I had to be cut open twice for a Lift and my right breast has a icky scar...when I lay down I can feel a very hard ball about... READ MORE

Yellow Discharge After Breast Uplift Surgery

Approx 3 weeks ago I had uplift breast surgery. Stitches were removed 1 week ago. My right breast has widend the vertical cut and is now discharging... READ MORE

Is There a Breast Lift Technique That Does Not Involve Moving the Nipple?

I'm 29, & wear an F cup. Following some weight loss my breasts feel less firm & the skin is slacker but only around the sides, from the... READ MORE

Possible to Have Breast Lift Through Armpit or Transaxillary Incision?

I have really full breast and the nipples face a little down, not much. I am a Chocolate African American. I want a breast lift through the armpit by... READ MORE

Breast Lift Through Arm Pit for Minimal Scarring Finally Possible?

I've seen the doctors' strong response to this question already but i've found 2 websites that explain the procedure. Have things changed since you... READ MORE

Is Drainage from Breast Lift Incision Normal?

14 days post op and just started having a clear slightly bloody drainage from incision around nipple on breast that I had the Breast lift done on. No... READ MORE

Small Yellow Discharge from Incision Site After Breast Lift?

I had a breast lift one week ago. In the last couple of days however, I have noticed when I take off my bra that I usually have a tiny amount of... READ MORE

Post Op Day 6 and Still Feeling Pain After Breast Lift/Aug?

I am post op 6 days after a breast lift and augmentation. I am having a lot of pain at the bottom incision where the implant was put it. It is better... READ MORE

Incision Popping Open 6 and 8 Weeks Post-op Breast Lift

At 6 weeks and 8 weeks post-op breast lift surgery I have had a one inch section in the vertical incision under my nipple pop open releasing blood and... READ MORE

What Does the Raising the Fold in Breast Lift Mean?

Hello! What does "rasing the fold mean"? Is this an alternative to breast lift (mastopexy)? Does it involve scarring and incision? If so... READ MORE

Why is my Incision Lower on the Right Breast Than the Left?

Hi, besides waiting two weeks to see how my nipple heals I've noticed that the incision on the right breast is a lot lower than the left is this... READ MORE

If I Get a Second Breast Lift Will The Incisions Be The Same?

I had a breast lift a year ago after I lost about 60 pounds. Since then, I have continued to lose another 15 pounds or so and have been really leaning... READ MORE

Alternative to Anchor Incision for Breast Lift?

I got Silicone breast implants two years ago, going from a B cup to a full D. Since then, I've had Torsoplasty, Liposuction and gotten smaller. Now,... READ MORE

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