High Profile + Breast Lift

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Day 5 Donut Bennelli Lift with Implants? (photo)

Please help. I had round block sutures donut lift with hi profile 300cc under the muscle textured silicone. I feel sick looking at myself after my... READ MORE

Donut lift or lollipop? (Photo)

Should I get a lollipop lift or donut lift? My nipples are measuring 22 cm from my collarbone. Should I switch from moderate profile over the muscle... READ MORE

How can I achieve High Profile Breasts through surgery after they have sagged? (photos)

The image is fitness model jennifer nicole lee AFTER breast surgery. How could she have achieved such an amazing result after having much larger... READ MORE

Clear of hematoma/fluids in right breast. 2 weeks post, 600cc under muscle high profile saline. Am I healing correctly? (Photo)

BA 6/19/15 600cc HP salines under muscle. My R breast (left in photo) was always a bit more higher& swollen. 3 days after surgery i aggressively... READ MORE

Moderate Profile vs. High Profile - how important is the projection of the implant?

I had my consultation and it was recommended that I get Natrelle 410's. My breast width was about 12.5cm. The size I want (350-375cc) I was told is... READ MORE

Would I need a Breast Lift to get the look I want? (photos)

I want the high profile look but I'm not sure if that suits my body type. I'm pretty broad and on the heavier side (working on losing) I'm down 40 lbs... READ MORE

Do you think I need a lift? (Photos)

This is a picture of me one year later after having silicone implants 300 cc placed behind the muscle. I'm not satisfied as I wanted a more rounder... READ MORE

Would I need a breast lift as well? (Photo)

Hi, I'm currently losing weight, and planning on getting a breast enlargement next year. (My weight loss is specifically for my health) however I've... READ MORE

Hp 630 implants instead of a breast lift? (photos)

Hey, I went to my consultation today and spoke with my surgeon and he's telling me to get a breast lift but in reality I like my droopy breast so he's... READ MORE

To lift or not to lift?

Hello, my breast are a grade 1 sag due to breastfeeding. I do not believe I need a lift. I have had a couple consultations and the PS feel I could go... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift while I have implants in? (Photo)

4 years ago i had implants put in (375/325cc) high profile Over time with losing weight and gaining weight im not happy with the look of them and how... READ MORE

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