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Areola Asymmetrical and Too High?

I had a breast up lift with an augmentation 7 days ago. The left breast had 210 cc and the right breast a 240 cc silicone low profile textured implant... READ MORE

After an Extended Breast Lift is It Common for One Breast to Be Higher?

I am 2 weeks post op, but one of my breast is higher(& bigger too) than the other. I believe the higher breast had more trouble with creating a... READ MORE

My Nipples Are Raised to High After Breast Lift, It's Been 5 Days Will This Change?

I had a breast lift about 5 days ago with a lollipop incision with no implants. Yesterday Dec 22, 12 I got my bandages removed and notice that my... READ MORE

Nipples Way too High After Lift, What Are My Options? (photo)

I lost weight then had a breast lift. now my nipples are too high. only an a cup an not alot of tissue to work with. was done with insurance paying as... READ MORE

Are implants the only way to get higher, PERKIER breast? Would it be better to have a breast reduction to get perky look?(photo)

After looking at a lot of breast lift jobs (without implants), it seems to me that the only thing that's really done is the nipple is shifted into a... READ MORE

Would a lift alone give me nice high small breasts and fix asymmetry resulting from explant? (Photo)

I had silicone implants removed and not replaced almost two years ago. I'm afraid of getting implants again due to previous capsular contracture. I... READ MORE

Procedure Suggested by Doc on Post Breast Augmentation Follow-Up?

My breast implants appear to sit relatively high in relation to the “inframammary” scars. Am into my 65 post surgery now, doctor advise if nothing imp... READ MORE

I had a lift revision (w/o implnts). Sudden seroma 4wks PO- drained twice. Any suggestions? (photos)

Top of rt breast is higher (3 mo ltr) bottom of breast deformed. this is from internal scar tissue due to seroma. Ps says to do nothing & wait,... READ MORE

Are scars that spread up too high after a breast lift impossible to fix?

Is there anything you can do for scars that spread up after breast lift and now show when you wear something low cut? Is this an impossible situation... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, breast lift and slight reduction on left side. Any suggestions?

I had a breast lift, with a slight reduction on my left breast. The right one is perfect, I love it! The left one looks like an egg and my nipple is... READ MORE

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