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Typically, How Long Does Hardness and Tenderness in Breast Last After BL with Augmentation? I'm 2 1/2 Weeks Post Surgery.

They still fill hard and tight and are tender. Bumps while riding in the car even hurt and I can't put seatbelt across them because they are tender. I... READ MORE

Pain 6.5 Months Post-op Breast Lift / Augmentation - Normal?

I Am 6.5 Months Post Op from a Breast Lift and Augmentation, I Still Feel Pain Periodically, is This Normal? In addition to this by the end of the day... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op from Breast Lift with Implants- Rash on Nipples & Breasts

Real scaley. the skin around my nipples is a red rash. my incision goes around my nipples, down my breasts, and across the bottom. this appeared about... READ MORE

Is a Hard Lump on Top of my Breast (Internal) Normal After a Breast Lift 7 Weeks Ago?

I'm wondering if this lump is just breast tissue that will relax after awhile. It is the size of a golf ball and i just noticed 2day the other... READ MORE

Hard Nipples After Breast Lift Normal?

I had.a breast lift one week ago today and my nipples are so hard and sensitive all the time. Is this normal and will it subside. READ MORE

Scar Tissue After Mastectomy with Tissue Expanders?

Hi, I had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy three weeks ago. I am still in a lot of pain. My breasts look fine on the outter side of the breast, but... READ MORE

Left Breast Lift, Fat Graft to Right Breast; Left Has Large Indentation and Very Hard, Normal?

I received a breast lift to my left breast (with small existing implant) and a fat graft to my right breast (status post mastectomy). The left breast... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture

Eight years ago I had augmentation and lift done that resulted in a capsectomy on my left breast, which dropped immediately after. Well I just went... READ MORE

Hard lump following superficial hematoma being drained in MD office. Is this normal?

I had a mastopexy with lollipop incision three weeks ago and developed a superficial hematoma around day 2 on my right breast which which wasn't... READ MORE

1 months post op Breast Lift without Implants, I have swelling concerns. Any suggestions? (photos)

It's been a month after my breast lift no implants and I know I've posted something similar about this but I'm worried because the top of my right... READ MORE

Painful red incisions, 1month+ post breast lift without implant. Cellulitis? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks post breast lift and my incisions are painful, hard and red. This is on BOTH breasts. Does this look like cellulitis? I will see my... READ MORE

What are my options after a mastopexy left one breast hard and a different shape/size? I didn't get implants.

What are my options? I had a reduction at the age of 18 and had great results. I had a mastopexy 4 months ago (at age of 39) and have one breast that... READ MORE

Hard lumps under breasts from lift. How long do I have to wait for them to even out? (Photo)

I had a breast lift with implant exchange on September 23rd my left breast is still larger than than the right the dr said he would remove more breast... READ MORE

Breast Lift Concerns? (photos)

I had a breast lift with implant 8 months ago, i recently started noticing that my right breast incision has become hard, tender to the touch, warm... READ MORE

5 days post breast lift surgery. What could this be?

Hello I had a breast lift on Tuesday, 5 days ago. I have just a dressing on no surgical bra. It is not very tight and the nurse told my mom and I that... READ MORE

1 days post op Breast lift, I feel something hard on my breast. Is this normal?

Hello I had a breast lift on Tuesday, 3 days ago. I have just a dressing on no surgical bra. It is not very tight and the nurse told my mom and I that... READ MORE

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