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Breast Lift Without Surgery?

I want my breasts to be a little more lifted but I'm in no way ready for all the scars associated with full on breast lift surgery. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Fat Transfer for More Youthful Breasts?

I am considering a crescent Breast Lift in combination with Fat Transfer. I understand that the Fat Transfer is new to plastic surgery, but I am not... READ MORE

Possible To Get Upper Pole Fullness After Weight Loss with Breast Lift and NO Implants??

Im 18 and Ive lost more than 80 pounds. I went from a 42DD to a 34DD and Ive lost a lot of the fullness in the upper part of my chest. I really REALLY... READ MORE

Possible to Get Full Breasts with Just a Lift?

I am 46 years old and am a C cup, but they aren't full, and are sagging. I was wondering if it is possible to get a lift, but to somehow make them... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift? and Would a Cresent with Implants Be Enough?

OK measurments. droop 9" so 22 or 23 cm and BWD is 4.75" so 11.875cm (this is home measurment) NOW with the droop do I NEED a lift to have... READ MORE

If i get a breast lift will my breast be perky? (Photo)

I want to get a breast lift but I'm unsure if they will turn out how I want. I want my breat to be perky and feel full, right now they seem to be... READ MORE

Deciding between Benelli lift or the lollipop lift? Which would be best to achieve a full breast shape and projection? (Photo)

I am not so concerned about scarring but more so about achieving a good full breast shape and projection. I believe I only have mild sagging but what... READ MORE

What should kind of results can be achieved with JUST a breast lift?

I am a 36D. My breasts have sagged due to breastfeeding. I love my breast size, but am not happy with where they are or my nipples. I do not want... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a Bellini lift or would you recommend a full lift? (photo)

I'd rather avoid the lollipop scar of course, but just want another opinion. I am wearing a very padded B34 but I'm probably an A cup. I want to be a... READ MORE

Doughnut lift versus Full lift – wanting to achieve full upper pole, fake look? (Photos)

42-year-old female. 5'11", 138lbs. Breast-fed 1 child. Trying to decide a donut left versus a full lift. Want to achieve full projection. Thinking... READ MORE

I love the full size of my areolas. Can that be preserved? Most of the breast lifts I see have small areolas. (photos)

I love the full look of my areolas and all the pictures I see show much ich smaller ones after a breast lift. On Snapchat I see a device that even... READ MORE

Is it possible to do another full revision to bring them back to how they looked? (Photos)

I'm including pics of my original lift and implants one week post op, and my breasts currently, after weight loss from being on steroids for an... READ MORE

Would a lift give me full and perky breasts or will I need an implant also? (photos)

Breastfed 2 children and my breasts are deflated. I'm trying to avoid an implant. READ MORE

Tubular Breasts, do I have to have a lift?! (photos)

Apparantly i have a milk case of tubular breasts and Drs have recommended a lift, problem is i don't want really want one, i don't feel like they are... READ MORE

I had a full anchor breast lift 4 days ago and my breasts seem to be ripples is this normal? (Photo)

I just had a full anchor breast lift 4 days ago however my breasts seem to be very rippled. Will this eventually smooth out? My nipples seem to be ok... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment for me, breast lift and reduction or something else?

Im 16 5"6 about 200lbs i wear a 36D cup bra but my breast look saggy and not full and perky like i want them i dont want to get implants is there... READ MORE

Breast lift? Mastopexy? No implants. (photos)

I have been thinking about an anchor mastopexy without implants. I would like to hear opinnions! I am 5,3" tall and about 130lb. My measurments are... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift or Not? (Photos)

I'm 46 and would like to be very full and curvy DD ish do I have to have a lift to achieve this? Thank you in advance. READ MORE

Can I achieve perky and full breasts with just a lift? (Photo)

I'm trying to figure out if I can just get a lift or if I'll need implants as well to achieve my goal of full and perky boobs. I nursed one child and... READ MORE

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