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Bruising on One Breast 5 Days Post Op?

This is my 5th day post op from a pretty major BL and I'm noticing a big bruise on the bottom of my left breast and a lot of bruising around my... READ MORE

Open Wound Under Right Breast After Breast Lift ? Please Help 17 Days After

I had my surgery breast lift done 17 days ago yesterday i saw 1/2 inch open wound under my right breast when the drain used to be .i am very worry .my... READ MORE

Incision Opened 4 Weeks Post Breast Lift.

I had thigh and breast lift 4 weeks ago. After 2 weeks the incision on right breast (vertical incision) opened and started discharging. I saw my ps... READ MORE

3.5 months post op Breast lift, I have new wound opening. Is this normal? (photos)

BL was 3+ mos ago. Left breast had 5 spots around areola open up well after 1 month. I packed with Idoform and they slowly closed (still scabbed). Now... READ MORE

The T Junction Scar Under my Breast is Weeping, Should I Be Concerned?

I am 17 days post op after a mastopexy with stratus mesh and the t junction of the scar under my right breast is weeping a runny, slightly yellow... READ MORE

Hematoma/Seroma After Breast Lift?

I had breast lift surgery on June 11, 2012... the left side was a pain in the A$$ for the doc,, which resulted in x-tra bruising and fluid build up..... READ MORE

Total separation of areola from skin. Do I have to go back and get it restitched?

My areola is totally seperated from my breast skin "literally". Am 3 weeks post op and the wound is not healing. Am useing antibiotic ointment on it... READ MORE

6 Day Post-op Breast Lift W/fluid in Upper Pole of Right Breast?

I am very concerned about having a seroma because I have had one before after lipo. My PS said it should be ok after the drain were removed. READ MORE

Do these breasts look like they are normal or should I be worried? Especially about the left? (Photos)

Am 5 weeks mastopexy W/O implants. The left nipple looks different. I still feel pain in this breast still. Sometimes like a pulling or as if... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Breast Lift with Augmentation?

During surgery my ps found that I still had "a little" milk in my right breast(3 months post bfing), so put a drain on that side only. Now 3 weeks... READ MORE


I had a benelli breast lift a little over 3 weeks ago, and there is a very small amount of sticky clear fluid, the area feels moist but I can not see... READ MORE

Clear of hematoma/fluids in right breast. 2 weeks post, 600cc under muscle high profile saline. Am I healing correctly? (Photo)

BA 6/19/15 600cc HP salines under muscle. My R breast (left in photo) was always a bit more higher& swollen. 3 days after surgery i aggressively... READ MORE

Is my healing going bad? (Photo)

I had a breast lift a week ago and shortly after I got fluid filled bubbles on my nipples. The fluid has now came out but my skin is VERY weak where... READ MORE

Brown fluid leaking from incision after breast lift no implants

I am 3 weeks post op from a breast lift without implants. Suddenly my right breast started leaking dark brownish/reddish fluid (same as what was in my... READ MORE

10 days post breast lift, stitches out, & still have a small opening w/ some fluid staining my sports bra.Is this normal?(photo)

I had a breast lift with a minor reduction on one breast, no drainage tubes. I am 10 days post surgery and had my stitches out 3 days ago. On the... READ MORE

Breasts are very hot and swollen with some blood and yellow fluid leaking out. Is this normal?

5 days post op. Tape has started falling off vertical incision. No temperature. Some redness. READ MORE

Large hole at the end of my incision, which is raised swollen and bumpy. Is this normal? 4 wks post op breast lift. (photo)

Received a breast lift and reduction four weeks ago. Left breast is fine, right breast has some nipple healing issues but it's healing. Main issue is... READ MORE

Hole in T junction after lift no implant? (Photos)

I just wanted other ps advice my ps does not seemed worried but it looks scary as heck. It's was oct 31st I had the surgery of implant removel and... READ MORE

Woke up to bloody fluid seeping through tape 9 days post surgery after a breast lift, what should I do?

I had a breast lift (anchor technique with auto augmentation) 9 days ago and woke up this morning to a small amount of bloody fluid seeping through... READ MORE

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