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Combining Breast Lift, Implants, Tummy Tuck and Fat Injections to Butt

I am interested in having a breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and some fat injected into my buttocks. I was wondering if these are too... READ MORE

Can Breasts be Lifted Using Own Body Fat?

I Want to Lift my Breasts by Using my Own Body Fat. I'm 5'4 and 150 Lbs  but Im not sure where to start READ MORE

Is Anything Added to Your Breast in a Breast Lift?

I was wondering because I don't want more added at this moment. Will the Breast lift also tighten your stomach? Does it leave scars? Say I'm 130 lbs,... READ MORE

Please answer this for all doctors who say you can't lift your breasts without surgery. Breasts are mostly fat right?

Most women do not want to be that extreme however if you lose weight you lose fat everywhere including the breasts. Ernestine Shepherd is over 70 and... READ MORE

I need a Breast Lift. But, to get upper fullness, would a Fat Transfer be suitable to achieve what I want? (photos)

I am a 32D in VS. I really need a breast lift. But when I get it I won't have the upper pole fullness that I want, like in my wish picture. I have... READ MORE

Should I get a breast lift first or a fat transfer?

Hi. I'm only 18 but due to some weight fluctuations my C cup breasts have sagged. I was also considering a fat transfer in the future since I'm still... READ MORE

Can someone tell me if i would need a breast lift and do I have enough fat to fill in my hips? (photos)

I want to get my breast done, but i don't want a lift and i also want to know if i have enough fat to fill in my hips and one side of my butt is... READ MORE

Liposuction/breast lift? Arms fat or sagging? (photos)

I have been through consultations and was told that all I need is liposuction and breast lift. But I am not quite sure if the fat under my arm is fat... READ MORE

Want to make breasts more perky by lifting the areola, and reshaping it to make it smaller. Do not want implants. (photos)

Looking to make breasts more perky looking. WIll lifting the nipple and reshaping the areola through a periareolar lift help?. I DO NOT WANT A BREAST... READ MORE

Can a Fat Transfer be done to lift breasts? (photo)

Would a fat transfer or a lift be suitable for me? and how much will it cost? READ MORE

I wanted to get some opinions on my breast lift and fullness options? (Photos)

I feel I have level 2 or 3 ptosis, what are your thoughts.I have been overwheight my entire life and recently drop 30+ lbs.My breasts have been... READ MORE

Breast lift plus upper fullness options for me? Fat transfer or implants or ultimate breast lift? I am a 32D. (photos)

When I get a BL I won't have the upper pole fullness that I want. I want my breasts to look natural. Implants need to be replaced later in life and... READ MORE

Can I have a breast lift only without implants? (photos)

I want a breast lift ONLY without implants. I've watched several YouTube videos where surgeon's performed a breast lift without inserting implants.... READ MORE

Body Contouring - Breast Lift and Butt Lift after Bariatric Surgery. (photos)

Desires butt formed nicely. Smoothed out on my bottom cheeks. I dont mind the slant i have from waist to bottom. But i need a rounded bottom cheeks... READ MORE

How worried should I be about gaining/losing weight after my Breast Lift surgery? (photo)

I had a breast lift done several months ago. I've been in a stable weight ever since, but my menstruation has been messing with my weight lately,... READ MORE

Need help choosing a breast lift. (photos)

I have always had big saggy uneven boobs they have been that way since the dawn of time As my boobs grew with my pregnancy and bf they just seemed to... READ MORE

Sore, fatty looking area at the incision, should I keep it dry? (Photo)

I am almost 5 weeks out from a breast lift and most everything has healed really well already. Within the last couple of days, the last place seeming... READ MORE

I need a lift. I was wondering if the fat near the armpit can be removed during BL. Also the scar above my belly button. (photo)

I've had 3 kids and my boobs have gone south. I'm a 32DD but it doesn't feel like it cause my boobs sag so much they don't stay in my bras. I also... READ MORE

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