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Breast Lift for F Cup Breasts Without Reduction?

I am 34DDDD/F, I like the size and shape of my breast, but want them lifted as they have dropped. I don't want Breast implants, because I don't... READ MORE

I'm 22 years old and my breasts (32F) are very saggy. Is it possible for the skin to tighten over time in a young person?

I'm 22 years old and my breasts (32F) are very saggy. Is it possible for the skin to tighten over time in a young person? READ MORE

Is a Full Anchor Lift the Only/ Best Option for Me? (photo)

Hi I'm 26 years old 5'3 and have one child who I breast fed for 1yr. I'm biracial black/ Caucasian and wear a 30 F uk size bra. I weigh on average... READ MORE

Should I Get a Breast Lift? Which Kind of Lift? (photo)

I am 21 years old and I am thinking about getting a breast lift. I have done a lot of research as to which would be best for me. So far the one that... READ MORE

Im a 22 Year Old Female with Saggy 36 F Breasts What Can I Do?

Im 22 years old i am 5'7 and i weight 12 1/2 stone. I had my son 17 months ago. My breasts are 36 F. Before i had my son i had DD breasts. Now they... READ MORE

Breast lift surgery for 17 year old? (photo)

I'm 16 but I'll be 17 in a month and I have size 32F breasts. I've classified my breast type as Omega, meaning they sag a bit. And they've been like... READ MORE

Which technique for a breast lift would be best in my case? (Photo)

Hello, I have a 30-F breast, I am 29. I've had my breast formed at around 15, sagged and haven't change from then. I would like to know what would be... READ MORE

Is Breast Lift a Good Decision for Me, I Don't Want to Be That Small?

My breast point down and are a little heavy I wear size 36F 165lbs med built 5"7, The weight is taking a toll on my back the past year READ MORE

Which Breast Procedure Would Work Best for Me? (photo)

I am 35 and have always had very large and pendulous breasts; but now they're flat. I lost a lot of weight which resulted in looser skin and reduced... READ MORE

Would an anchor reduction/ lift or lollipop/vertical lift be better for me? No implants. (photos)

Would an anchor reduction/ lift or lollipop/vertical lift be better for me?? I have it narrowed down to two surgeons in my area. One very experienced... READ MORE

I had 34 GG breast but am now a 34 F after losing weight and have a lot of excess skin. Would I benefit from a Breast Lift?

I have been looking into different procdures and wanted to no if I would benefit from a uplift and if so which one . READ MORE

I am looking for a PS that specializes in women with natural breasts. I am looking into have a breast lift. Any suggestions?

What kind of procedure would you suggest? I am nervous about surgery & scars, and want to minimize them. I am a 32 F, have had large boobies since age... READ MORE

What a Realistic Idea of Cost for a Breast Lift in Ohio or Washington DC? Is Your Chest Drastically Smaller After a Lift?

After losing 60lbs my chest is in need of a lift. I went from a 38G to a 32F/G (depending on the bra). I had a consultation once and was told an... READ MORE

What if I Just Want a SLIGHT Breast Lift? (Large Breast Question)

I have large breasts (E-F depending on brand) with nipple at breast crease on one breast and below breast crease on the other. If I just want 1.5 mm... READ MORE

How to fix large, sagging breasts?

I am 5'6 and 135 pounds. I have a very small bone structure and currently wear a 34F (us size). My breasts are very soft and hang. I am wondering if... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift without a reduction?

I'm assuming based on the law of gravity I would need a breast reduction..I'm a 46 f in order to get my Breast lifted? Does the dr recommend how small... READ MORE

Size of breast after a lift only with no implants? (Photo)

I appreciate the response from my previous question where I was asking about implants and a lift, majority of Doctors said have a lift only. My... READ MORE

Which is better - a breast lift or a breast augmentation?

I wanted to know what is better in my case, I am already a size 36F and I dont want to go any bigger. I dont want them back the way they where before... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift while I have implants in? (Photo)

4 years ago i had implants put in (375/325cc) high profile Over time with losing weight and gaining weight im not happy with the look of them and how... READ MORE

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