Explant + Breast Lift

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Should I Have a Crescent Breast Lift or a Vertical Lift? (photo)

I would like some advice as to which breast lift would be best for me. I am 34C but have had breast implants to 34DD for 2yrs which I didn't like... READ MORE

Mastopexy & Explant. Bruising is INCREASING Not DECREASING -- 12 Days Post Op? (photo)

I had an explant and lift 12 days ago. Post surgery there was virtually no bruising. By week one there was very light bruising, almost the yellowish... READ MORE

How much does breast implant removal with a breast lift cost and what is the average recovery?

I am located in Tampa Florida. I have implants that brought me from a 32b to a 32ddd. I had a lot of excess skin and instead of doing a lift and a... READ MORE

After explantation and paying for a lift, my breasts look deformed: What recourse do I have, I am emotionally drained? (Photo)

I look so torn apart and the bottom half under the highly replaced nipple, the bottom half is deflated, and the vertical was squeezed tight making a... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift and Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time? What's the best sleep positions for breast/BBL post op?(photo)

I want to have breast implants explantation (I have silicone for more than 10 years) I don't want implants anymore, I want full lift (anchor) to make... READ MORE

Scar Revision / Re-positioning and/or Infra-mammary Fold Elevation? (photos)

6 wks post UBL, explantation of 670cc's, (36FF to 36DD/D), I have good nipple sensitivity, my infra-mammary scars are high & my nipples are high too.... READ MORE

Breast Lift on Small Breasts, Fat Grafting, Strattice For Small Breasts?

I've asked a question about explanting & doing a lift on my small 32a/b breasts (they are now a 32d w/ implants) & I appreciate the... READ MORE

Needing a really good surgeon who does a lot of breast crease lifts! (Photo)

I have had many surgeries and finally had my last set of implants out 40 days ago. I have asymmetry where my right breast is bigger and lower. I want... READ MORE

Explant, Lift, Pregnancy in What Order Do You Recommend?

I posted about explant & lift recently on small 32a/b breasts & it's apparent mine is not a simple case! I have 1 more question based on... READ MORE

Should I wait to do a lift after explant? Silicone sub-muscular approx. 12 years ago. Will I ever look normal and perky? (photo)

This is a f/u to nipple necrosis question. I would appreciate your advice on best approach for optimal outcome. Lift at same time, or wait until... READ MORE

Why do my breasts look like this after a lift? (Photo)

I had a breast lift I had large implants that were taken out. I wanted to be natural . It's been 5 months and I have s nice dent in my breast my... READ MORE

When is an infra-mammary incision necessary in a breast lift?

I'm having a breast lift and explantation on 11/12. I have noticed that in some breast lift / explantation examples, an infra-mammary incision was... READ MORE

Lift after breast explantation?

Thank you for the my first question about breast explant.Most of you suggested lifting after remove the implants but my original cup size was not even... READ MORE

Would a lift alone give me nice high small breasts and fix asymmetry resulting from explant? (Photo)

I had silicone implants removed and not replaced almost two years ago. I'm afraid of getting implants again due to previous capsular contracture. I... READ MORE

Breast lift on people who keloid. (Photo)

Are there any pictures out there to show me the scarring patterns of A people who like me keloid after having a breast lift. I keloid and want to have... READ MORE

After removing my 25 year-old 510cc silicone implants, I am left with a lot of sagging. What type of lift would help me? (Photo)

After 25 years of back aches and scar tissue pain, I had them explanted 5 weeks ago. I LOVE my tiny A size breasts! I never will get implants again.... READ MORE

Is this normal 10 days post mastopexy? (Photo)

I was originally a c cup and had implants in about 9 yrs ago, and ended up a G cup. I was going to replace them with smaller implants to go to a D or... READ MORE

Internal breast lift with NO implants & muscle repair?

I recently explanted 2 year old 280cc silicone implants from under the muscle 7 months ago under local anesthesia, no capsule removal. My breasts are... READ MORE

What treatment is there for Mastiol under breast rash? My explant and breast of 22 yr old implant removal was successful (Photo)

The dr didnt know I have contact dermatitis and used Mastiol glue. How do you drs,treat it. I have been using today benadryl and 0.1% triamcinole... READ MORE

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