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Does Scarring Ever Fade Completely After a Breast Lift? (photo)

I'm in my young 20's and would like a lift. It has been noted to me that I have breast ptosis (genetic I assume..no children). I also feel I... READ MORE

Anchor Breast Lift Incision Separation. What To Expect After Debridement? (photo)

I had a small opening at the "T". I am NOT a smoker. Today I saw my PS and he thought that it was a suture not allowing it to heal. He... READ MORE

Vampire Breast Lift. What Can I Expect For Results?

What outcome information exists about the Vampire Breast Lift? I have done research on other forms of breast augmentation but do not want all the... READ MORE

African American Worried About Benelli Lift Scar, What Can I Expect?

In my reading the Q/A in realself, I came across a PS that said African americans should NEVER use an areola incision beacuse of scarring. this has... READ MORE

How Long to Wait Between Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Lift?

I want to get a brazilian butt lift and a breast lift w/ augmentation. I want to perform both surgeries together but I know that will be painful. How... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Improve? Uneven Post Lift w/ Implants. (photo)

I had a mastopexy with implants (240cc saline) on 2/2/12. I am very concerned at the shape and fact they don't match. What are the chances of them... READ MORE

3 months post-op and the scars around the nipple are starting to get thicker. Is this normal? (Photo)

3 month post op breast lift without implants. Hi - I am a 47 year old woman who had a breast lift 23 April 2014. I have light skin and comes... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift/implant? (photo)

I like the size I was before I had my children and just want a lift/implant to put volume back into them to bring me back up to the 36C that I was... READ MORE

Benelli Mastopexy--will It Work the Second Time Round?

In your practical experience, will a benelli mastopexy be more effective if performed twice (the second time being after some stretching of the areola... READ MORE

What Scars Do I Have to Prepare Myself for with a Breast Lift? (photo)

I am planning to have a breast lift (no implants) and I am yet to come to terms with the scars. What scars will I most probably have based on the... READ MORE

Is My Weight Loss Goal Realistic Prior to Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?

Weight Loss - Prior to Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift I am presently at 160 lb goal weight is 135-145 roughly If I would to have procedure in FEB 2012 do... READ MORE

What is the First 12 Hours After a Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck Like?

My surgery is schedule in 4 days. Pretty nervous. I have never had anesthesia before. What is the first 12 hours like after surgery? Did anyone ever... READ MORE

How Much Smaller Will I Be After Swelling? Is This Normal?

I Am 190 Lbs. and 5' 1" I Had a Breast Lift and Augmentation. I chose 550 cc's and when I tried them out in the office with a bra, using a 38DD, they... READ MORE

Size After Breast Lift (photo)

I am going to have a breast lift, and I am currently a 38DD. I am just wondering around what size I will be post-op and what my breasts will look like. READ MORE

Are these results reasonable with an anchor lift? (Photo)

I posted a question earlier but wasn't really clear. I'm scheduled for an anchor lift without implants next month. What results can I expect? I want... READ MORE

Am i good candidate for a full breast lift? No implants. (photos)

I am a 34D i bras size, 33 yo with no kids yet. An NYC doctor told me he can only lift my breast away from 1 finger only, ( the finger/ pen test) i... READ MORE

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose?

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose? READ MORE

What can I realistically expect from a lollipop scar breast lift without augmentation? (photos)

Given the shape of my breast and lack of tissue on top, what can I realistically expect from a lollipop breast lift? I'd love to not get implants if... READ MORE

Is it possible to get this type of result or are my expectations unrealistic? (Photo)

I have seen several breast lifts and am scared to death. Some look horrible and so many get the drop bottom.. Is it unrealistic to get a result like... READ MORE

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