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Does Scarring Ever Fade Completely After a Breast Lift? (photo)

I'm in my young 20's and would like a lift. It has been noted to me that I have breast ptosis (genetic I assume..no children). I also feel I... READ MORE

Vampire Breast Lift. What Can I Expect For Results?

What outcome information exists about the Vampire Breast Lift? I have done research on other forms of breast augmentation but do not want all the... READ MORE

Anchor Breast Lift Incision Separation. What To Expect After Debridement? (photo)

I had a small opening at the "T". I am NOT a smoker. Today I saw my PS and he thought that it was a suture not allowing it to heal. He... READ MORE

African American Worried About Benelli Lift Scar, What Can I Expect?

In my reading the Q/A in realself, I came across a PS that said African americans should NEVER use an areola incision beacuse of scarring. this has... READ MORE

How Long to Wait Between Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Lift?

I want to get a brazilian butt lift and a breast lift w/ augmentation. I want to perform both surgeries together but I know that will be painful. How... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Improve? Uneven Post Lift w/ Implants. (photo)

I had a mastopexy with implants (240cc saline) on 2/2/12. I am very concerned at the shape and fact they don't match. What are the chances of them... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift/implant? (photo)

I like the size I was before I had my children and just want a lift/implant to put volume back into them to bring me back up to the 36C that I was... READ MORE

3 months post-op and the scars around the nipple are starting to get thicker. Is this normal? (Photo)

3 month post op breast lift without implants. Hi - I am a 47 year old woman who had a breast lift 23 April 2014. I have light skin and comes... READ MORE

What Scars Do I Have to Prepare Myself for with a Breast Lift? (photo)

I am planning to have a breast lift (no implants) and I am yet to come to terms with the scars. What scars will I most probably have based on the... READ MORE

Benelli Mastopexy--will It Work the Second Time Round?

In your practical experience, will a benelli mastopexy be more effective if performed twice (the second time being after some stretching of the areola... READ MORE

Is My Weight Loss Goal Realistic Prior to Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?

Weight Loss - Prior to Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift I am presently at 160 lb goal weight is 135-145 roughly If I would to have procedure in FEB 2012 do... READ MORE

Does a Breast Lift Decrease the Size of the Breast Slightly?

Well one day I want a breast lift, but I wondered oes a breast lift decrease the size of the breast slightly? Do I really need breast implants?  READ MORE

What is the First 12 Hours After a Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck Like?

My surgery is schedule in 4 days. Pretty nervous. I have never had anesthesia before. What is the first 12 hours like after surgery? Did anyone ever... READ MORE

How Much Smaller Will I Be After Swelling? Is This Normal?

I Am 190 Lbs. and 5' 1" I Had a Breast Lift and Augmentation. I chose 550 cc's and when I tried them out in the office with a bra, using a 38DD, they... READ MORE

Size After Breast Lift (photo)

I am going to have a breast lift, and I am currently a 38DD. I am just wondering around what size I will be post-op and what my breasts will look like. READ MORE

Are these results reasonable with an anchor lift? (Photo)

I posted a question earlier but wasn't really clear. I'm scheduled for an anchor lift without implants next month. What results can I expect? I want... READ MORE

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose?

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose? READ MORE

Is it possible to get this type of result or are my expectations unrealistic? (Photo)

I have seen several breast lifts and am scared to death. Some look horrible and so many get the drop bottom.. Is it unrealistic to get a result like... READ MORE

What can I realistically expect from a lollipop scar breast lift without augmentation? (photos)

Given the shape of my breast and lack of tissue on top, what can I realistically expect from a lollipop breast lift? I'd love to not get implants if... READ MORE

I want to know what kind of procedure I need and what to expect. (photo)

I am 27 years old, I have had one pregnancy and breast fed. I am a 34d/36c and want a lift that maintains my size and doesn't look fake. I would also... READ MORE

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