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Breform Or Doughnut Lift? (photo)

Hello there, I'm 24 years old and work as a glamour model. I have recently lost a big of weight and my breasts have dropped from a natural 32ff to a... READ MORE

Will a correct bra size help reshape breasts?

The breasts are low with the nipples pointing down. She is an E cup but has been wearing the incorrect size bra. Will getting the correct size help to... READ MORE

Will I Be a Good Candidate for a Lollipop Incision? (photo)

I have been suffering from chronic back pain for many years and have been thinking of getting a breast reduction for a long time now. I'm 21 years... READ MORE

How Can I Get Retro Jugs? (For Lack of a Better Term)

I'm currently a 38E (Or 42E. I'm not too sure. I wear generic sports bras that say "Large".) and I have frowning boobs. They sag pretty badly and I'm... READ MORE

Best Approach for Improving my Breasts? (photo)

I'm 32 and lost over 100lbs. 260lbs at my heaviest (38H cup). At 170lbs I was a 34F, felt my breast were OK, though they hung lower than fakes. Now at... READ MORE

To Achieve Faint Scarring, is It Necessary to Have Laser Treatments After BL? (photo)

I'm 22 years old, have fair skin, no visible scars from injuries, and have noticed some breast sag after losing weight. I'm considering a Breast Lift... READ MORE

Breast Lift Without a Reduction? (photo)

I'm a 36DD/E and want a breast lift but I don't want much of a reduction. I'm happy with the size I'd just like them to be more symmetrical and more... READ MORE

Breasts Lift with No Implants? (photo)

Hi guys Im after some advice on a breast lift sugery My concerns are, the scarring, will my breast be a size smaller post surgery, and if i loose 5... READ MORE

I Do Not Want my Breasts Enlarged but Want a Lift and Made Even What's the Best Way to Do That with the Lowest Possible Cost?

I am a 34E and after having a baby it has left me saggy and uneven, I have the lowest self esteem I have ever had. I am located in La Porte, IN. I am... READ MORE

My breasts grow downwards - what is the best option? (photos)

I am 20 year old, never had children or fluctuated in weight. My breasts don't sag, they have been growing downwards ever since puberty. I have no... READ MORE

What can a doctor do in my case? Is it worth the risk? (Photo)

It's worth the risk? How many chances of getting a better look? I want my breast higher and maybe smaller (90E). I am 20 and a mother of one. Breast... READ MORE

Hello, I am 18 years old and curious about getting a breast lift. My breasts are very large and saggy, size 32E.

Would my age prevent me from getting a breast lift? Would I also need a reduction? what is a typical cost for a breast lift? READ MORE

Breast lift with or without implants? Can I regain my perkiness? (Photo)

Hello There, I am a 32E cup with pretty full breasts that have sagged post breastfeeding. My boob's look awesome in a bra but less so without one.... READ MORE

Looking to lift & firm the breast, uplift/project the nipple, always been large 36/E/F but now 48yrs old. Any suggestion?(photo)

I would love minimal scar's, with still quite a full envelope I would like the option to remove the skin around the nipple, donut - to then firm up... READ MORE

Hi there, what can I do to make mt 36E boobs perky again?

Theyve been saggy since I was 18, what are my options? READ MORE

I had a breast lift without implants. I was a droopy size 36DD/E. now 3 days post op, I have flat boobs? (Photos)

Can someone please explain to me what's happening? My PS tells me that he took just a few grams out of each breast so I've lost a tiny amount of... READ MORE

Follow UP: Flat boobs, what are my best options? (Photos)

I asked before but had no pics, since losing weight my boobs have gone flat what are my best options, and price, I have been thinking about this for... READ MORE

Will insurance cover a breast lift?

I'm an 18 year old Australian with mild sagging (due to weight loss) which I'm very self conscious about. My breasts are size 10E. I've suffered from... READ MORE

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