Donut Lift + Breast Lift

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What Breast Lift Should I Consider: Anchor, Lollipop or Donut? (photo)

I keep getting conflicting answers from physicians. Do I require an anchor lift or lollipop lift or can I get away with the donut? I have lost... READ MORE

Do doctors use permanent stitches underneath the nipples for a donut mastopexy? (photo)

Had a breast augmentation done with a donut mastopexy three in a half weeks ago. Everything seems to be healing fine and the surgical glue has come... READ MORE

Day 5 Donut Bennelli Lift with Implants? (photo)

Please help. I had round block sutures donut lift with hi profile 300cc under the muscle textured silicone. I feel sick looking at myself after my... READ MORE

Benelli Vs Lollipop Lift, What is Recommended For No Scarring?

One Ps recommended the donut lift, measure 25cm. I know the lollipop would be best for me. But I would rather have a little sag and no scar vs perky... READ MORE

Would I Be Able to Get Away with a Donut Lift? I Dont Want the Vertical Scar from a Lolipop Lift. (photo)

Would i be able to get away with a donut lift?I can't afford time of work for 2 surgeries (TT last year & vaycay this year) and i would like to... READ MORE

Will a "Donut" Lift with Augmentation Work for Me? (photo)

Areolas have alwz been lrg but seems they got lrger wen i stopped breastfeeding as my breasts grew extreamly lrg,then deflated.When my breasts were... READ MORE

How Long It Will Take the Scars of Donut Lifting Method Goes Away?

I am 30 year old and had a minor Donut lifting breast 4 months ago, and around my areola has harder texture and darker color, and a little ropy. My... READ MORE

Is an In office Breast lift revision possible to get desired lift? (photo)

I am 16 weeks po and am VERY unhappy with the donut lift technique used by my Dr. He stated today that he could do a vertical incision in office to... READ MORE

Uneven areola and nipples. Could this be fixed under local anesthesia? (Photo)

Just had my donut breast lift 2 weeks ago. One side is nice and round, one side is crookets. Could this be fix under local anesthesia. I know it too... READ MORE

Lift Without Significant Scarring? (photo)

I'm interested in a lift without implant and an areola reduction. Would a circumareolar (donut) lift be sufficient for me? What is the typical cost... READ MORE

If the suture breaks from a benelli/donut lift and the areaola spread, can the problem be corrected?

If the suture breaks from a benelli/donut lift and the areaola spread, can the problem be corrected? If a person is getting a large implant 600cc... READ MORE

My breast seems to have a very pronounced diamond shaped areola after surgery. is this normal? (Photo)

I have just had my breast lifted using donut lift together with reducing me aureola yesterday, today i saw my results,as i want it to be round not... READ MORE

Donut lift or lollipop? (Photo)

Should I get a lollipop lift or donut lift? My nipples are measuring 22 cm from my collarbone. Should I switch from moderate profile over the muscle... READ MORE

What's wrong with the donut lift?

I have seen several surgeons telling me I could do the donut or lollipop lift. With research I have found that it flattens out the areola and the scar... READ MORE

I'm 28 yrs old. Can I get away with donut lift? (photos)

Hello I am a 28 year old woman considering to get breast lift soon. I wanted the donut lift with donut lift with small implants as i do not want the... READ MORE

Can a Donut Lift and Nipple Reduction Be Done at the Same Time? Don't Want Implants or Large Scar. (photo)

I would like to reduce the size (length and circumference) of my nipples at the same time as a lift. I'm a C cup currently and don't need more. Just... READ MORE

Lots of pain 18 days post-explant and donut lift--normal?

Im an ex-rugby player so can take pain. I had explant oct 14 after ~9 yr old 350cc under muscle saline. no fever, inc in breast vol, but enough pain i... READ MORE

All I want is a donut/benelli/periareolar lift. I do not want implants! Will this work for me? (photos)

I do not care about super perky breasts. All I want is an improvement with minimal scarring and no general anesthesia. I am completely aware the... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Have a Donut Style Breast Lift & Augmentation at Same Time?

1 plastic surgeon recommended an anchor breast lift & no augmentation b/c you should never do them at same time since their goals are fighting one... READ MORE

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