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Forgot to Remove a Dissolvable Stitch After Breast Lift?

I had a breast lift just over 3 weeks ago. Today I went to see my doctor for my last check up. I only just noticed that he forgot to take out a stitch... READ MORE

6 weeks post op of Breast Lift, are dissolvable stitches supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving?

Are dissolvable stitches used In a breast lift 6 weeks post op supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving? I have also had many... READ MORE

How long does it take for transparent stitches to dissolve?

I'm saying transparent because I recently had a breast lift done, and I can actually feel the Stitch sticking out and i can see it. And is transparent... READ MORE

Deep scar indentations after a lollipop reduction. How long does it take for all internal sutures to dissolve? (Photo)

Aesthetically my breasts look O.K. However underneath my breasts,the indentations are deep and painful.i can feel the odd suture. I'am massaging twice... READ MORE

I live in Michigan and need a dissolvable stitch removed from my prior breast lift, who can I go to? (Photo)

I had a BreastLift over a year ago but one of my dissolvable stitches that was in a knot (right in the middle at the bottom of my left breast)healed... READ MORE

There is a piece of dissolvable stitches poking me underneath my breast at the incision site after a breast lift surgery (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post op from a breast lift. My PS left my 23 yr. old saline implants in tact. There is a piece of the dissolvable sutures he used poking... READ MORE

Abnormal scabbing after breast lift? (Photos)

I had a breast lift 1 mo th ago that involved repositioning the nipples. The right breast seems to be healing nicely but I am concerned about the left... READ MORE

Stitches causing bleeding. (photos)

My problem is that the dissolvable stitches are knotted on the outside and it's preventing my scar from closing properly. I asked the DR TO remove... READ MORE

When do dissolvable stitches disappear? 1 month post-op. (photo)

I had the "donut" lift 5 weeks ago, and can still feel the stitches below the skin, they are not painful, just tender. Wondering how long they take to... READ MORE

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