Deflation + Breast Lift

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Is Breast Lift Necessary for Deflated C Cups?

I am 34 year old and briefly breastfed my two sons (ages: 7y/o & 5 mo.) I have consulted with three different PS about Breast augmentation to... READ MORE

What is the Best Implant for Fullness of the Upper Portion of Breasts?

I breast fed my two boys for a year each. I had a breast lift done 7 months ago and now realized I should've had implants put in. The bottom shape... READ MORE

Open Wound Three Weeks After Breast Lift with Implants? (photo)

Three weeks ago, I had my implants removed and new ones put in because of a deflation. At the same time, he took off some more skin, as I have skin... READ MORE

Deflated Breasts - Implants Only? Or is a Lift Required?

I do not like the deflated appearance of my breasts. My goal is to restore my formerly fuller bustline with minimal scarring. Taking into account the... READ MORE

Have I Got the Right to Ask for a Revision? Or Should I Be Grateful for What I Have? (photo)

I had a bu & tt 9 wks ago. I wanted my breasts evened out & hoped the bu would make them fuller. I had stretch marks up to my rib cage & a... READ MORE

Can I get just a breast lift with small breasts?

I've breastfed two children and now I have quite a lot of deflation, I'd say stage 2 I don't want to get implants because I don't agree with fake... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Breast Asymmetry and Deflated, Sagging Appearance, Weighing my Options As a Young and Active Person? (photo)

My left breast is noticeably larger than my right. Both breasts lack youthful volume. I know I could reduce the larger one or get implants. I do... READ MORE

After explantation and paying for a lift, my breasts look deformed: What recourse do I have, I am emotionally drained? (Photo)

I look so torn apart and the bottom half under the highly replaced nipple, the bottom half is deflated, and the vertical was squeezed tight making a... READ MORE

Do I need a lift? Looking to achieve an upper pole fullness. (photos)

Hi I am 24 and I have two children whom I breast fed for a year each. I am now a deflated 34A/32B. I am looking to get an augmentation in January. I... READ MORE

If i get a breast lift will my breast be perky? (Photo)

I want to get a breast lift but I'm unsure if they will turn out how I want. I want my breat to be perky and feel full, right now they seem to be... READ MORE

Some plastic surgeons said I need a lift, while others think i can get away with just implants. What is your opinion? (Photos)

I am a 37 year old, 5'5" 100 pounds, mother of two. After breastfeeding, i had loss of volume and sagging. I want to return from my now deflated A/B... READ MORE

Will I still get youthful breasts with just breast lift, no implants, even though I have deflated C cup breasts? (Photo)

Before being pregnant I was a B, after pregnancy I went to a C cup. My breast however are extremely deflated. Can I still do breast lift without... READ MORE

Can I get a breast lift without implants? (Photo)

Hi! I have two children and I breastfed both. Now I feel as if I have deflated and saggy boobs. Interested in a lift. Can I get One and not get... READ MORE

Do I need a lift to address asymmetry and deflation? (Photo)

I'm a 28 year old mother of 2. I currently wear a size 32DD in most brands. Since having children and breastfeeding, my breasts are lower, less full,... READ MORE

Will Implant Company Help with Costs for Just a Breast Lift Since This is the Second Time Implant Deflates on Me?

Have Mcghan saline implants. Second time left one deflates after a mammogram. Thinking of just pulling them out and doing a good breast lift instead.... READ MORE

Would a breast lift only be sufficient in my case? (photos)

Currently I'm a deflated and somewhat saggy 32 C. I am 48 years old and have breastfed 2 children. Could I get a lift that would make my breast more... READ MORE

Would a lift give me full and perky breasts or will I need an implant also? (photos)

Breastfed 2 children and my breasts are deflated. I'm trying to avoid an implant. READ MORE

After removing my 25 year-old 510cc silicone implants, I am left with a lot of sagging. What type of lift would help me? (Photo)

After 25 years of back aches and scar tissue pain, I had them explanted 5 weeks ago. I LOVE my tiny A size breasts! I never will get implants again.... READ MORE

39, mother, breastfed, deflated breasts, still happy with volume but don't like droopiness? I am 112 pound, 6'6", 32DD (Photos)

1. I consider donut technique as my first option but afraid it won't be adequate. Correct? 2. lollipop produce nice shape and lift, but there is no... READ MORE

Are There 2 Separate Fees for Removing Saline Implants and Doing a Breast Lift All at the Same Time?

I have saline implants over the muscle (9yrs old) and one has failed. The decrease in volume on that implant was noticed just prior to moving out of... READ MORE

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