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Im 18 my Breast Size is 32 There is No Problem, but I Just Want to Lift my Breasts? (photo)

Please suggest me any cream......i want to lift my breast just little.....i want litle round shape round shape & little tightness... plzz suggest... READ MORE

Topical Cream for Lifting Breasts?

Is there any cream to lift the breast? I workout and that's the reason my boobs got very loose. Should I leave the gym or is there a cream I can apply... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for scars after a Breast Lift?

I know doctors probably recommend different products and prescribe different creams. In your opinion, what is the best thing one can use and do? I'm... READ MORE

What Do Doctors Think of Creams and Pills to Help Improve Breast?

They are sagging and need a lift after weight loss. thank you for you time and consideration. I have lost a lot of weight and so far doctors who have... READ MORE

I had a breast lift no implant 2 weeks ago. I feel great with minimal discomfort. Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel great with minimal discomfort but I noticed when I took the hypafix tape off 3 days ago that I have a tiny spot of yellow discharge every day... READ MORE

What to do? Who can I see? (Photo)

I had a breast life don't a year and 5 months ago everything was great until I noticed my skin getting bigger and red. Which now at this point it's... READ MORE

Unusual mastopexy scar and breast droopiness 5 months PO? (Photos)

As you can see in the pictures below the incision scars are really unusual. They aren't raised but they are really wide and I'm not sure what to do.... READ MORE

Any recommendations on scar creams and ointments beneficial post-op beast reduction/lift?

My doctor suggested a regime of his choosing that he sells and it was rather pricey. I opted to purchase my own. Wondering if there are any educated... READ MORE

4 months after anchor breast lift, scars stretched? (photos)

My scars were fine 2 months PO,then they started to stretch real bad...i went to a dermatologist-he suggested i apply a mixture or airol/madecassol... READ MORE

Had Breast Lift on 8/3 and my incision has not stayed closed and keeps opening up. Any suggestions to healing this quicker? (pho

It just continues to open after each visit with my PS. He is extremely reputable and I know I'm in good hands. The plan of action is to use prescribed... READ MORE

Can I put TNS cream directly on my scars?

I had breast lift surgery a little over a month ago. I just want to be sure that I can put tns recovery cream directly on my scars. I don't want to... READ MORE

Redness and itching? (Photo)

It's been now 7 weeks around my areola getting red and itchy with liquid I need a second opinion my Dr. Gave me antibiotics bill and some ointment... READ MORE

How is my wound healing? (Photos)

I am one week post of after a breast lift, and have been changing the bandages myself. Two days after the surgery the nurses said that my breasts look... READ MORE

maxoplexy failed, lost skin, will the tissue regrow the skin smooth like it was?

Using saline, twice a day keeping the four by four area wet, a hole that has formed and the breast has fell. Much like a burn victim but i started at... READ MORE

11 days post breast lift am I healing on track? When do the stitches they leave in not feel so noticeable? (Photos)

I am 11 days post breast lift. I am required to put on antibiotic cream 3 times a day to my nipples and areolas. My right seems to be fine and the... READ MORE

What are recommendations that have worked to help with anchor breast lift scars? Massage? Creams? Silicone bandage?

First off I am pleased with my surgeon and my results as I am only 20 days post op. I am just trying to be pro active to help the healing process.... READ MORE

What scar cream/gel/silicone sheet do you use at your practice with your breast lift patients?

I am having a breast lift with augmentation (anchor lift) August 23rd. I am not thrilled that I will have the vertical scar but have accepted it for... READ MORE

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