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How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

I'm not talking about adding or taking away anything from my breasts..I just want a lift.  Can someone tell me what is the average price for a... READ MORE

How Much Does Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Cost?

My breast have always been 'ugly' but after breastfeeding I have finally decided to get a Lift and Augmentation... What is the normal cost and how do... READ MORE

Breast Lift Installment Payment Plan?

What happens if you can't fully pay for the Breast lift. Can you make a plan to pay the bill bit by bit till you complete it? READ MORE

Most Cost Effective Breast Lift and Augmentation Procedure?

I need a Breast lift and augmentation, I have way way over-sized areolas (more than 2 inches in diameter). My nipples are VERY shy, nearly inverted. I... READ MORE

What is the Average Cost of Having Both a Tummy Tuck and a Breast Lift Done?

Would the total cost be less if  both procedures are done at the same time? READ MORE

Breast Lift Without Breast Reduction?

I am 18 years old and I am a size 34G (or a DDD). Honestly, I don’t want a reduction. It’s not for "attention", I just feel like they are a part of ... READ MORE

Suddenly Need Breast Lift After Augmentation - will I need a vertical lift?

I posted recently here re:possible breast lift post-ba.Many responses indicated that pictures would help and I post a few now for you.My PS is not... READ MORE

What Do You Know About The Semielastic Scarless Serdev Suture Breast Lift?

I have been considering a breast lift, but am concerned about scarring and loss of sensation in the nipple. Today I found a procedure called the... READ MORE

How Come a Breast Lift Cost More Than Breast Implants?

How come a breast lift cost more than breast implants? READ MORE

Possible to Have Breast Lift with Implants at Lower Cost?

Are there doctors who preform a breast lift with silicone implants for $5000 or less? I had an extreme amount of weight loss about 1 1/2 year ago and... READ MORE

Cost of Breast Lift For True Ptosis Breasts In Dallas, TX?

What is the cost of Breast Lift (without Implants) For True Ptosis Breasts In Dallas Tx. I really don't feel doing like researching for tons of... READ MORE

When You Get a Breast Lift Surgery Do You Have to Pay the Full Cost of the Surgery at Once or Can You Pay in Installments?

I'm asking this question because I really want the surgery,but I don't think I can pay the cost all at once. READ MORE

Cost Estimate for Lifting Breast Implants?

Can anyone give me an estimation of fee for a Breast lift on 6-year-old cup C Breast implants? READ MORE

Breast Revision/Lift for Asymmetry - Still Uneven. Should I Pay for Revision 3 Mo Post-op?

I originally had breast augmentation to correct asymmetry 14 yrs ago.Remained cup size different size/shape.After having a family decided to try again... READ MORE

Breast Lift for A Cup Breasts Without Augmentation? (photo)

I'm happy with the size of my breasts and I realize that a breast lift may make them appear even smaller. I absolutely do not want an augmentation. I... READ MORE

I am interested in a breast lift, areola reduction, and overall size reduction of my right breast. Which is the Best Breast Lift

I am 20 years old and have not had any children. I am interested in a breast lift, areola reduction, and overall size reduction of my right breast.... READ MORE

How Much Weight Should I Lose if I'm 190lbs, 4'11, Want BBL and Breast Lift?

IM 22 years old n have one kid. I weight 190 n height is 4'11 n I would love to get a breast left along with a Brazilian butt surgery. But I wana... READ MORE

How Much is a Breast Lift in Huntsville, AL?

How much does it cost to have a breast lift in Huntsville,AL. with saline implants, and without implants? Does the price include areola resizing? Also... READ MORE

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